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Whitley County Invites Participation for a New Comprehensive Plan


In January, Whitley County embarked on a process to re-write the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  This process will establish a set of goals and objectives for Whitley County in regard to growth, land use, transportation, development, quality of life, and the environment.
The public is invited to participate in one of two public planning workshops to assist the County’s planning consultant, Ground Rules, Inc., with identifying strengths, weaknesses, and needs relating to Whitley County.  The planning workshops will both be held on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in Rooms A / B (Lower Level meeting room) of the Whitley County Government Center.  The first workshop will start at 12:00 PM (noon), and a second workshop will be held at 6:30 PM.  The public needs to attend only one of the workshops, as they are identical.
Input from the public, as well as input from local interest groups and community leaders, will form the foundation of the new Comprehensive Plan.  The new plan will look at many aspects of the community, and as a result, a diverse range of topics will be offered for discussion during the planning workshops including transportation and circulation, managing community growth, land use, economic development, the environment, relationships between agencies, the status of community facilities and infrastructure, etc.
For those that would like to be involved, but are unable to attend a planning workshop, a “Community Values” survey is available for residents to offer their opinions on issues ranging from protection of farmland to the condition of county roads.  The survey can be picked up and returned to the Whitley County Joint Planning and Building Department at 220 West Van Buren Street, Suite 204, Columbia City.  The survey can also be received by sending an e-mail request to Amy Schweitzer at  All surveys should be returned by May 1, 2010.  Comments about existing issues in Whitley County or future goals can also be e-mailed to Ms. Schweitzer.
The new Comprehensive Plan will be a written and adopted guide for community leaders, businesses, and citizens to use as they make important decisions.  The updated Comprehensive Plan will illustrate Whitley County’s commitment to planning its future and will give the public and potential investors a glimpse of how Whitley County will welcome quality growth and encourage progress while protecting and improving quality of life. 

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