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Geico Cancels a Hater

From Big Government:

FreedomWorks staff and volunteers have suffered through bomb threats, endless hostile abuse from union patch-through calls laced with profanity, death threats, the N-word directed at an African-American employee, and a host of full-frontal creeps.  You can find many of these documented here and here.

Many of these orchestrated attacks were launched in the days leading up to our September 12th Taxpayer March on Washington.  Where was the moral outrage when we received a bomb threat on September 11th?  “There’s a f***ing bomb in your building, bitch,” the caller said.  Then, did the media write stories about how the Democrats and their hard left adjuncts had gone too far with their threats, their hate, their racism?

We need to draw a line in the sand. Across this line you do not cross! Let’s all agree to hold the individuals acting badly personally responsible for their actions.  As far as I can tell, the bad actors are likely phony infiltrators from tea party crasher groups.

We are a grassroots movement made up of people who believe in individual freedom and individual responsibility.  Racism and hate are inherently collectivist ideas.  As individualists we judge people as individuals, based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Read the rest at Big Government.

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