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Indiana On My Mind (and Kentucky too)

From RedState:

So Marlin Stutzman did not make it across the finish line and Dan Coats did. Well, we at RedState have always maintained that we are conservatives in the primary and Republican in the General. So we’re all in for Dan Coats.

But along the way there is something more. Activists need to get their boots on the ground and get into the process to help people like Coats, but more importantly to help themselves.

Anyone can be an activists. But very few are effective activists.

If you live anywhere near Indiana, you owe it to yourself to go to the last of the Post Party Summits in Indianapolis this coming weekend.

Steven Crowder is going to be there. It’s worth going if only to meet Steven.

If you live in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, or wherever, do yourself and the cause a favor — get to the Post Party Summit.

God Bless America

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