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Beware the Lame Ducks

From The Heritage Foundation:

Congress is postponing huge issues until after the elections and there’s a danger in that.

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) sounded a warning in 2006 when the last big majority shift happened on Capitol Hill, but Congress then returned for a lame duck session:

It would be a huge mistake to overlook the potential for damage in the lame duck session. A lame duck session doesn’t sound like anything to worry about, but this lame duck may be a lot more dangerous than people think. We can expect Republicans to try to jam through as much of their agenda as they can while they have the chance.

This year it’s the Democrats who may stuff major controversies into a post-election free-for-all, but Feingold’s principle holds true:  Politicians who won’t face the voters ever again–or not for at least two years–have less accountability, especially when they know it’s their last chance before a major power shift.

Read the rest at The Heritage Foundation.

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