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Amnesty … It’s Baaack!

From The Heritage Foundation

Amnesty is like Jason Voorhees. No matter how many times it seems to be dead, it keeps coming back, each one worse than the last.

 Washington seems to be following the same script when it comes to immigration. We tried an amnesty in 1986. It failed to stem the growing problem of illegal immigration. So Washington tried again in 2007, but Americans rejected that amnesty bill. So what does the Obama administration propose now? Amnesty. But this time they want to do it by administrative fiat. 

 The chances for an amnesty bill in this Congress are zero. So how does the White House plan to circumvent public opinion? Well according to a memo from the Obama Department of Homeland Security the answer is to implement a de facto amnesty by ignoring, circumventing, or manipulating existing federal statutes . 

 Not only is the White House addicted to amnesty, it is increasingly clear they are committed to undermining the enforcement of immigration laws so that they can argue that the system is so broken that there is no alternative to amnesty. The best evidence of this is the government’s wrongheaded lawsuit against the state of Arizona which puts politics ahead of the law

 The White House has become so single-minded pursuit of amnesty that it has completely undermined any bi-partisan support for the strategy. Sen. John McCain who was a cheerleader for Bush’s amnesty is now committed to pursuing a secure the border first strategy.  Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham who helped co-author the draft Obama amnesty bill is now calling for legislation to ban birthright citizenship for children who are born to whose parents are not lawfully present

 The real tragedy is that as long as Obama continues his Lemming-like pursuit of amnesty our broken borders and flawed immigration system will never get fixed. The even greater tragedy is that there is a real, practical, compassionate, fair, and achievable way to fix what is broken. While there is no “easy button” for immigration, there is an honest plan that will solve the problem in a way that keeps the nation safe, free, and prosperous.

God Bless America

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