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If not MyManMitch, why not Dan Quayle?

From HoosierAccess:

Mitch Daniels has only himself to blame if he jumps on the presidential candidate bus. By arguing his case so well in op-eds and speeches as well as garnering a fan base across the country, he has boxed himself into a corner. The Indiana governor has proven that a conservative approach to government works.  Daniels also, God bless him, has a patience meter measuring “seventy times seven” for those awful Goldilocks independents who hold every election hostage to their sensitive and sanctimonious whims and fancies.

Therefore, Mitch must run!

However Daniels is delaying that decision until House Minority Leader Pat Bauer and his vacationing chums return to Indianapolis to finish the business of the current Indiana legislative session (if these Democrats stay much longer in Illinois, they may be subject to that state’s burdensome income tax rate).

When session ends, the governor will face the cameras and announce whether he’s in or out of the maddening race for the White House.

But perhaps Daniels will announce his retirement from politics effective at the end of 2012.  It’s still a free country, for the most part, and no stone tablets have been found with the chiseled words, “Thou shalt run for president.”

So what about former Vice President Dan Quayle?

Read the rest at HoosierAccess.

God Bless America

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