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Indiana tea partiers at odds over Senate candidate

From the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette:

TOM COYNE | Associated Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Five months after helping conservative Republicans earn victories in U.S. Senate, House and General Assembly elections, Indiana tea party groups are divided about how best to move forward with their plans to deny Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar a seventh term.

That division recently became public when leaders of the Elkhart-based Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition, or TEA-MAC, issued a news release saying the group and some other tea party organizations disavow any affiliation with Hoosiers For Conservative Senate – a recently formed group with the stated purpose of electing a senator who reflects conservative values and adheres to the Constitution.

TEA-MAC leaders say the leaders of Hoosiers For Conservative Senate are attempting to usurp the individuality of tea party members and groups by presenting themselves as the voice of the Indiana tea party movement.

“I, as a tea party person, have to question their intentions,” TEA-MAC co-founder Peter Recchio said. “Anybody who tries to speak for tea parties of Indiana is trying to become the Tea Party from Indiana, which doesn’t exist.”

Read the rest at the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

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