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Indiana Redistricting Maps

From HoosierAccess:

Indiana’s future legislative and Congressional maps were made public on Monday.

And our state’s future, well, it’s going to be RED:

The Congressional map creates one solid Democratic seat (the 1st up in the northwestern corner of the state).

It creates six solid Republican seats (the 2nd, where Donnelly now has virtually no chance, the 3rd, largely unchanged, the 4th, where Rokita was drawn out of his district but will likely soon move, the 5th, though not as Republican as in the past, the 6th, where a bloodbath Republican free-for-all primary will soon be gearing up to replace Mike Pence, and the 9th, which adds donut counties to enable the incumbent to keep living in Red Bloomington).

Read the rest (and get larger maps) at HoosierAccess.

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