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Wisconsin judge strikes down collective bargaining law – why do we vote anymore???

From WrapYourHeadAround:

A Wisconsin judge, Maryann Sumi, struck down the legislation that repealed most collective bargaining for unions on the basis that proper notice to the public was not given before the vote was taken. The bill was passed on March 9th – three weeks AFTER the vote was scheduled. The vote had to be delayed because the Democrats fled the state to avoid voting for it.

Meanwhile, while the Democrats weren’t doing the job they were elected to do, protestors converged on the statehouse and trashed it with litter and graffiti, clogged up the halls so it was difficult to move, and create a serious stench . . . not just a stench from the disgrace of it all, but an actual, bad smell in the statehouse. As a result, security had to close down all but one of the entrances in order to keep control of the mob coming in and out.

GOP lawmakers figured out a way to move the bill forward without the Democrats participation by revising the bill so it only needed Senate approval, and proceeded to just that. On March 7, they discussed creating the committee and on March 9, it was all said and done. Since that time, 3 lawsuits have been filed and just recently, Judge Sumi ruled that the vote was taken illegally.

So let’s compare this to a real life situation, since politicians seem to operate on rules far outside of reality. If I left my job for three weeks (I’d be fired, but we’ll put that aside for the moment), and then my boss decided, business has stalled and I can’t tolerate the impact anymore, the job has to be done, wouldn’t I be laughed out of court for suing when my employer actually got the job done? If my boss said he needed me to accomplish X, and I didn’t want to accomplish X so I left, and three weeks later, X gets accomplished, isn’t it kind of ridiculous for me to take him to court?

This is the left’s tactic – throw up every roadblock possible (lawmakers leave, disgusting mobs converge), and then when the Republicans get around those roadblocks, sue because they didn’t have enough time to put up more roadblocks. The Republicans controled both houses and this bill was going to pass regardless. So the Democrats turned to the only means they had to get what they wanted, the new legislative branch, aka, the judicial branch.

Why do we have elections anymore??? If the people say they want Republicans, Democrats go to the court and the result is the Democrat agenda, contrary to what the people voted for. If the people say they want Democrats, Republicans take the high road, do their job and are outvoted, and the result is the Democrat agenda. Either way, Democrats get what they want. So why do we vote?

The truth of the matter is, as long as the court system has the power they do and continues to operate the way they do, voting Republican only means enacting the Democrat agenda at a slower rate than had they been voted in directly.

This issue should be especially disturbing for Hoosiers, because we’re right behind Wisconsin. (Remember, Indiana Democrats went to Illinois for a month and the Republicans still ended up getting what they set out to get). Our issues will end up in the courts, and given the recent controversy concerning the 4th amendment, I’m afraid I don’t have faith that actual justice will prevail.

God Bless America

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