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The Undiscovered Country – or Handicapping the GOP 2012 Field

From HoosierAccess:

If you recognize the post title, you probably think I’m either a Shakespeare junkie or a Star Trek fan, and I’m willing cop to a little of both. The sixth movie in the Star Trek franchise was on over the weekend and it takes its title from Hamlet. Shakespeare uses “the undiscovered country” as a metaphor for death, whereas in Star Trek they look at it as “the unknown.” I think Republican activists that don’t have a favorite candidate are probably feeling things are somewhere in between those two emotions right now.

Most Republicans I speak with feel like there is a legitimate chance to defeat President Obama in 2012. Most of these Republicans also feel that the candidate to defeat our president is not among the current contenders for the nomination.

Where does this leave us as a party? The irony is that it’s my sense Republicans are actually solidifying at the state and local levels. While we may have our disagreements on priorities, folks came together to deliver some fairly significant victories in the 2010 elections. Our own legislature delivered some huge victories in spite of Democrats walking out and shutting down the legislature for a few weeks. In Indiana our municipal candidate field is pretty strong and should be successful this November. It begs the question, “Why can’t we find someone to get excited about for 2012?”

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