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RNC Chief Vows Neutrality in Senate Primary

From HoosierAccess:

Nobody wants to stick up for Dick Lugar, it seems. The national Republican Party has bigger fish to fry (like beating Obama) than to earn the anger of the conservative grassroots by wasting money trying to keep Dick Lugar in office for a seventh term.


The Republican national chairman is staying out of the primary between Indiana Senator Richard Lugar and state Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

“I happen to believe that primaries are good,” says RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “I think having a diverse field is great. It’s all the earned media, it’s communicating what we need to do to get our country back on track.”

Some Republicans have grumbled they cost themselves a shot at controlling the Senate last year by nominating insurgents over more experienced candidates in Delaware, Nevada and Colorado.

Priebus was Wisconsin state chairman before unseating national chairman Michael Steele earlier this year. He says hard-fought primaries won by Scott Walker and Ron Johnson for the nominations for governor and senator helped fuel their victories in November.

Priebus says the Lugar-Mourdock winner, as well as the winner of the upcoming presidential primaries, will similarly benefit from the exposure gained by having to battle for the nomination.

I happen to subscribe to a similar view as Priebus when it comes to primaries. Competition and the free market isn’t just for the private sector; it’s good to have this sort of competition in the political sphere as well.

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