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Obama’s Abuse of Executive Orders: Worse than Fast and Furious?

From Big Government:

Operation Fast and Furious has left a hideous scar on our nation to date. It should result in the prosecution of Attorney General Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, and a slew of ATF supervisors who oversaw the ridiculous operation from the word go. As a result of their foolishness and criminality, taxpayer money was used in the purchase of weapons intentionally passed to criminals, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is dead, hundreds upon hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed, and over one thousand firearms are still unaccounted for. (Although the lion’s share of those weapons will probably be found in Mexico, we know some are undoubtedly in the U.S. because they keep showing up at crime scenes in Arizona and Texas.)

Yet as bad as Fast and Furious was, and will continue to be when as more facts unfold, I am persuaded that Obama’s clear usurpation of the Constitution via his misuse of Executive Orders is worse.

In other words, although Fast and Furious was a completely lawless situation that has endangered both Mexicans and Americans physically, and which is being used even now to push for more gun control, it was largely conducted under a cover of secrecy. But Obama’s attempts to legislate from the White House are being done right in the open and pose a clear violation to the separation of powers established by our Founding Fathers nearly 225 years ago. This strikes at the very core of our nation’s foundation by disrupting the pattern and order of government set forth in the Constitution, as well as the customs and conventions we’ve trusted heretofore.

Read the rest at Big Government.

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