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Shame, Shame, AARP.

Dear Editor:

Have you seen the political ad on TV by AARP – the one where the AARP member threatens any politician who would dare to suggest that entitlement programs need to be reformed?

We all know that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will blow up in our faces in the not to distant future- they are unsustainable as presently constituted.  One senior senator explained why he would do nothing to save the program by saying he would be dead by the time the country went bust so he didn’t care.

Just like that senator, “Kick the can down the road “ is AARP’s solution to the problem.

A more selfish disregard for our children and grandchildren could never have been imagined in this country 50 years ago.  AARP’s attitude of  “I want mine” will destroy this country.

Shame, Shame, AARP.

Terry L. Smith

God Bless America

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