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No Rest For Conservative America, the ‘Sleeping Giant’, in 2012

From Big Government:

Remember this video?

 Though this clip was replayed again and again- a sign that Americans were “awakened” as a result of the realization that President Obama and the liberal Democrats were, indeed, on the path to “fundamentally transform” the nation- the sad, but accurate, phrase used by the woman speaking is, “sleeping giant.” Conservative America has been a “sleeping giant.”

Most Americans describe themselves as “conservative.” And conservatives, by nature, tend to mind their own business. Unless, of course, their “own business” is being run over by a controlling, liberal president and his cronies.

American conservatives have indeed had to rouse themselves out of a somewhat complacent sleep and get to work. They have done so formidably, as evidenced by the election, in 2010, of a large number of conservative members of Congress. But, more work awaits, and time is fleeting.

Many may have their gaze set on Iowa. I say leave Iowa to the pundits. There are bigger fish to fry. Whether the winner is a Republican “establishment machine” nominee, or one with real conservative credentials, the nation needs a Congress that will embrace its power, as provided for in the Constitution, to limit the scope of the federal government. The ultimate “tension” of the Constitution: how to elect members of Congress who will go to Washington to limit their own power. Only an inspired document could set its sights on such a seemingly non-human task!

With so many focused on the presidential nomination process, conservatives would do well to attend to the congressional and state legislative races in their districts. The election of sound conservatives to local town and city councils, as well as school boards, will provide a “feeder system” of successful candidates at the local level who may well end up in Congress, saying “no” to more government spending.

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