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Protest Rally Report — Justice Steven David at the Columbia City Rotary Club

We gathered at the intersection of U. S. Highway 30 and Indiana 205 at about 11:30 AM today.  We had about 10 people show up and hold signs and wave at traffic.  The weather was horrible…rain and 30 MPH wind gusts.  Freedom is not a fair-weather enterprise.

We watched as the Rotarians attending the meeting drove past us to get to the Eagle’s Nest Event Center.  Some people honked and gave ‘thumbs up’ in support of our effort to prevent Justice Steven David from winning a retention vote in November 2012.

We were invited by a private property owner across the street from the Eagle’s Nest to set up a banner and flag in his yard.  He also put a large sign on his garage door — “When people fear government, there is tyranny”.

We were also visited by local media… The Columbia City Post & Mail, Talk of the Town Whitley County, and Indiana’s News Center came to see what we were doing.

PATRIOTS PROTEST: Group takes exception to Chief Justice visit — The Post and Mail

Supreme Court justice’s visit expected to draw property owner’s rights protesters Tuesday — Talk of the Town Whitley County

Whitley County Patriots gather in protest — Talk of the Town Whitley County

Here’s a report from Indiana’s News Center:

We can only hope that our message about Justice David was able to reach a wider audience due to the protest rally.

God Bless America

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