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Paul Ryan: Risk and Opportunity

From RedState:

So, will Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as VP help or hinder his chances to defeat Obama?  That is the million dollar question Republican pundits and grassroots activists are frantically asking this week.

One serious flaw with much of the post-analysis of any VP selection during a presidential campaign is the singular focus on the pick himself without any regard for the top of the ticket.  All too often, the talking heads lose sight of the fact that the election still hinges upon the top of the ticket, irrespective of how exciting, bold, or banal the VP choice was leading up to the convention.  In this case, it is clear that Paul Ryan is a bold and risky choice (whether he is really as bold of a conservative as the media portrays him or not); however, it will be Romney’s choice as to how he utilizes the pick.  This is still mostly about Mitt Romney, not Paul Ryan.

If Mitt Romney continues to run a flaccid, rudderless campaign that is constantly on defense, the Ryan pick will accentuate his status as a besieged candidate incapable of going on offense.  The Ryan pick will simply supply team Obama with endless fodder to keep Romney in fetal position for the rest of the campaign.

Read the rest at RedState.

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