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Fire Lugar 2012

Lugar Files for Indiana Senate Seat In Washington, DC

From Welcome To My Tea Party:

Senator Richard Lugar officially filed his candidacy for Indiana’s Senate seat yesterday.  One would think with all the criticism leveled at him for being out-of-touch with real Hoosiers since he bolted the state 30 plus years ago, he’d at least make it look like he was associated with our state.

Check out the notary public signature on Lugar’s paperwork.  Click here to visit the article.  Lugar signed his official candidacy in Washington, DC, where his loyalties lie and he is still using a phony address.  Lugar and his wife sold the house they swore under oath they resided at over 30 years ago!

Read the rest at Welcome To My Tea Party.

Senator Lugar Votes to Protect Earmarks

From Wrap Your Head Around:

Yesterday, the Senate voted on an amendment to the S. 2038 (STOCK Act—Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act).

The amendment, introduced by Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) and cosponsored by others such as Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, was voted down. The amendment’s stated purpose was to prohibit earmarks.

So the big question: how did Indiana’s senators vote? Dan Coats voted in favor of the amendment. Dick Lugar voted against it, thus proving that he isn’t really serious about cutting spending—and his opponent in this year’s senate race, Richard Mourdock, was quick to let the people of Indiana know the corruption of which Lugar is protecting in an email titled Would you like some pork with your debt? In the email, Mourdock also provided a link to his latest video: “Dick Lugar’s Record on Earmarks.”

It’s time to retire Senator Lugar, folks. See Mourdock’s video below:

CNN Covers Lugar’s Lack of Indiana Residency While Local Media Blackout Continues

From Ogden on Politics:
Although the local media continues with the media blackout on the Lugar (lack of Indiana) residency story, it is started to be picked up by national news outlets.

As reported by CNN:

Republican Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana responded Friday to recent reports that show he doesn’t live in the state he’s been representing for more than 35 years.

The longtime senator told CNN he maintains a residence for “political purposes” in Indianapolis but doesn’t live at the physical address-staying in hotels around the state, instead.

Lugar pointed to a loophole in Indiana law that protects his residency status while he lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area.

Read the rest at Ogden on Politics.

A Closer Look At Senator Dick Lugar’s Deep RINO Roots: What is Lugar’s Connection to Wendell Willkie, the First RINO of Record?

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

It’s no secret that many in the Republican party are upset with Senator Richard Lugar for calling himself a Republican while behaving like a liberal, thus earning the title of RINO (Republican In Name Only).

For those who understand the past, it should come as no surprise that Lugar recently praised Obama’s “strong voice and creativity” and also referred to our socialist-leaning president as “my good friend.”

“I very much feel like the novice and pupil,” Obama has said of Lugar.

In addition, When Barak Obama was running for president, he referred to Lugar as someone he would go to when it comes to foreign policy.  Lugar is the only Senate Republican to publicly endorse the New START pact that President Obama negotiated with Russia.

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

Is Senator Lugar Using Phony Address for More than Voting?

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

Acting as a private citizen, Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright has collected additional documentation that will be provided to the Indiana Election Commission in follow-up to his earlier complaint that Senator Richard Lugar allegedly committed multiple acts of felony voter fraud.

To date, the Commission has not contacted Wright, nor have its members acted upon the complaint; however, Wright says he intends to Use Indiana code 3-6-4.1 to force the hands of its members.  Indiana Law allows for private citizens to petition the Commission into action.

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

Senator Lugar Falsified Residence in Presidential Candidacy Declaration

From Ogden On Politics:

When Sen. Richard Lugar goes to vote, he signs documents under oath that he lives at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis.  As I noted last year, the Marion County Recorder’s office shows the house at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis was deeded from a family named Gootee to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989.  Lugars’ deeding of the property had to have taken place before the 1989 Gootee deed, most likely well before that.  I would have gotten those records when I researched the issue, but the Lugar transaction were paper only and preceded the computerized records in the office.  Nonetheless, Lugar admits he hasn’t lived at the 3200 Highwoods Courts’ house in decades.

Read the rest at Ogden On Politics.

Senator Lugar Flip-flop on Healthcare Mandate: the Worst of Washington, the best of We the People

From Wrap Your Head Around:

Today on The Hill’s healthcare blog, Julian Pecquet cites Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker’s disgust with Senator Lugar’s flip-flop on the healthcare mandate.

“This is the worst ofWashington,” Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker said in a statement. “Sen. Lugar co-sponsored the individual mandate, but when he finds himself in a partisan primary, he calls it unconstitutional without so much as attempting to explain his flip-flop. Hoosiers deserve better.”

This is in reference to Lugar joining an amicus brief of 36 Republican Senators, who are urging the Supreme Court to strike down the entire healthcare reform law if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional.  In 1993, Lugar supported such a mandate.

I agree with Parker that it’s the worst ofWashington, that Lugar should explain why he’s changed his mind, and that Hoosiers deserve better.  However, while it may be the worst of Washington, I think what we’re seeing here is the best of we the people.

While I’d love to hear Lugar’s explanation of why he flip-flopped (and even why he finds it unconstitutional), he really doesn’t need to explain it to us.  We know why he changed his mind: Richard Mourdock.  He knows that enough Hoosiers are fed up withWashingtonand that they’re looking for someone who is going to represent their values and protect their rights by defending the Constitution—and from what they’ve seen, Richard Lugar is not that man.  And he’s scared, as well he should be.

The reality of the situation is that Lugar is most likely changing his mind to get votes this election year—and so what!  You know what that tells me?  That we the people are holding him accountable for once, and he’s listening!  This says so much for Hoosiers, Richard Mourdock, and the Tea Party.  Does that mean Lugar can be trusted?  No.  Does that mean that we should give him those votes?  No.  He’s still not proving himself to be the senator we need.  In fact, he’s proving himself to be just the opposite (things like the recent NDAA vote come to mind).  But at least we can see the influence that we the people are having.

Dick Lugar addresses the Tea Party

From Wrap Your Head Around:

Senator Dick Lugar has a message for the Tea Party – stay out of it! Apparently, when Tea Partiers get involved, they ruin it for everyone. The reason there isn’t a Republican majority in the Senate is because of the Tea Party after all. If we’d just let the professionals handle it, everything will be fine.

Election Fraud Complaint Filed Against Senator Richard Lugar

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

Greg Wright, an Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner, filed a formal election fraud complaint with the Indiana Secretary of State on Wednesday against Senator Richard Lugar and his wife, Charlene Lugar.

Wright alleges that the senator and his wife may have committed multiple felonies for voting in a Marion county precinct, using an address for a home  they reportedly do not own.

“It is my understanding that Senator Richard D. Lugar has voted using an ‘absentee’ ballot that used as his residence a home located at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222,” noted Wright.

Wright contends the property “appears to be owned by Elizabeth Hughes” and deeded to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989 and quitclaimed from David Hughes to Elizabeth Hughes in 2003.

Wright claims he spoke with Elizabeth Hughes recently who reportedly told him that Senator Lugar “had not lived in the house for 33 years and had no ownership interest in the property.”

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

Lugar the Liar distorts property tax issue


Richard Lugar has a reputation as a distinguished statesman. He’s knowledgeable about foreign policy and has done valuable work securing the former Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal. He’s respected by both Republicans and Democrats. He’s in danger of throwing all of that away with an underhanded, highly dishonest attack on his opponent. Lugar looks like a typical politician desperate to keep his seat.

At issue is the property tax exemption that Richard Mourdock got for his Indianapolis home. This is an issue that flared up over the summer, and was settled months ago. A property tax exemption had been mistakenly applied to Mourdock’s home by the Marion County Auditor’s Office. Channel 13 reported on June 23 that he “has a form from the Marion County auditor’s office admitting to the mix-up.” The Indianapolis Star reported a month ago that the auditor’s office said Mourdock would pay the back taxes due when his next statement is mailed.

Lugar’s campaign sent a particularly nasty e-mail last week bringing up the dead property tax issue, accusing Mourdock of illegal behavior and bashing his donation to his own campaign. Lugar’s campaign wrote:

Richard Mourdock had taken a homestead exemption on two homes, one in Indianapolis and one in Evansville, which is illegal under Indiana law.

This is simply shameful and well below what we should expect from someone like Lugar. Mourdock did not take two homestead exemptions, and Lugar knows it. It was a mistake by the Marion County Auditor’s Office. Lugar is claiming that Mourdock had intentionally broken the law. Lugar should be ashamed of himself for this deliberate distortion.

Read the rest at

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