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Special Operations OPSEC targets Obama for reckless intelligence leaks

From RedState:

A group of former special operations and C.I.A. officers accuse President Obama of spiking the football — taking credit for killing Osama bin Laden, and recklessly leaking intelligence information about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and other security matters solely to gain political advantage.

“Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not.” — Ben Smith, a Navy SEAL

The Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc, argues that high level Obama administration’s leaks are damaging U.S. security. They make their case in a very well done documentary-style video called “Dishonorable Disclosures: How Leaks and Politics Threaten National Security.”

The good folks at Special Operations OPSEC see their mission as stopping President Obama and others, from politically capitalizing on U.S. national security operations and secrets, which allows the special operations and intelligence capabilities to be degraded., and educating the public about the importance and necessity of Operational Security. The video does a good job of doing that.

Fair Share – Romney and Obama Documents

THIS is the only way to get off the whole tax return thing…

From HoosierAccess:

The top issue that the left wants to discuss is Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  The sole purpose is to play the class warfare card.  Mitt Romney is rich, so what!  Honestly, I want someone that has been successful to lead our country.  Romney has largely dodged this issue and said he will not release additional years of his tax returns.  It is a solid defensive move, but what if he went on offense?  Imagine if Mitt Romney stepped to the podium with several manila envelopes in hand that were obviously filled with large documents.  Once he stepped to the podium he looked right into the camera and said, “My opponent spends most of his time on the campaign trail talking about everyone contributing their fair share.  I would like to propose a fair share opportunity to President Obama.  I have with me envelopes that contain five additional years of my tax returns that the President and his surrogates have requested I release.  As you can see, these envelopes are sealed.  I will gladly unseal these tax returns for the entire nation to see when President Obama unseals his college records.  I believe that to be a fair share.”

Read the rest at HoosierAccess.

Obamacare UPHELD…what do we do now?

As you may have heard by now…Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

This startling and unbelievable outcome means that we have only one option left…November.

The House, Senate, and Presidency MUST be conservative in January, or we’re headed for destruction.

There is one bright point of light in the ruling:  The Opinion declares that the penalty for ignoring the mandate is a TAX.  Therefore, Obamacare can now be truthfully called the largest tax increase ever put upon Americans.  This will be a good campaign point for Romney.


It’s not going to do any good to get angry.  It’s hot enough outside without adding steam from our ears.  We must act.

We cannot be violent, because violence never wins.

I’m going to be very frank with this next statement:  Some of you may believe that Glenn Beck is crazy, stupid, or both.  Put those opinions aside for five minutes and read this plan of action:

  1. COMMIT:  COMMIT to a higher calling.  COMMIT to be personally responsible.  COMMIT to be non-violent.  Sign Martin Luther King’s pledge of non-violence.
  2. ACTIVATE:  Use the tools linked below to check your voter registration.  14% of Americans THINK that they’re registered, but they’re not.  Check yours.  Then, check your friends, family, church roster, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.  Get out the vote!
  3. LIVE IT:  Prove that we don’t need Big Government in our lives.  Take care of the poor and needy WITHOUT government.  Help your church or charity do these things.  Be a better person tomorrow than you are today.
  4. CREATE:  Take back the culture.  Refuse to accept the CRAP that is being pushed upon us by Hollywood, television, and music.  Support artists who are wholesome, good people who produce quality movies, TV, music and art.  Create your own art with your values.

The Four ThingsNo matter what you think of Beck and his concepts, this plan is the best idea I’ve seen yet to save America.  It addresses the problems at the root.

Please go to and read about The Four Things.  Learn about how to fix 100 years of Progressive damage.  Then, act.


THIS is why the 2nd Amendment must be protected…

We the People

From Moonbattery:

A note to Barack Hussein from We the People, regarding his “fundamental transformation” of our country:

Definition of a Mic Gaffe: Politician Telling the Truth

From The Heritage Foundation:

On August 11, 1984, President Ronald Reagan joked over a “hot” mic, “My fellows Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I have signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” It was a joke, but we all knew it masked a serious truth. Reagan had declared on more than one occasion that the Soviet Union was a grave threat to freedom and security—only the year before he had declared it the “evil empire.”

President’s Obama’s now-infamous “flexibility” gaffe ought to be seen in the same light. The President means what he says. The President’s commitments to missile defense have always been equivocal, a placebo to be traded away to placate the Russians rather than as a defense system to protect Americans from the world’s greatest danger: a nuclear-tipped missile.

A penchant to be brutally honest in unguarded moments is about all Reagan and Obama share. On protecting Americans, they are polar opposites. Reagan believed in peace through strength. Obama believes in safety by relying on the generosity of would-be adversaries.

Obama Regime Moves to Kill Coal Industry

From Moonbattery:

In terms of energy, coal is our most abundant resource. That is why it is used to generate about half of our electricity, and why Barack Hussein Obama promised before he was elected to make energy prices “skyrocket” by crippling the coal industry with malevolent regulations openly intended to bankrupt it. Using the most frightening bureaucracy in the entire malignant behemoth that calls itself our government, Obama has made good on this threat by targeting dozens of coal plants for destruction. Now his EPA delivers the death blow:

The Obama administration proposed on Tuesday the first rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new U.S. power plants, a move hotly contested by Republicans and industry in an election year.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal would effectively stop the building of most new coal-fired plants in an industry that is moving rapidly to more natural gas.


Read the rest at Moonbattery.

Obama Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years

From Big Government:

Yesterday the Obama administration announced a delaying tactic which will put off the possibility of new offshore oil drilling on the Atlantic coast for at least five years:

The announcement by the Interior Department sets into motion what will be at least a five year environmental survey to determine whether and where oil production might occur.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell notes that a planned lease sale, which the administration cancelled last year, will now be put off until at least 2018. As you might expect, Republicans were not impressed with the decision:

“The president’s actions have closed an entire new area to drilling on his watch and cheats Virginians out of thousands of jobs,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. The announcement “continues the president’s election-year political ploy of giving speeches and talking about drilling after having spent the first three years in office blocking, delaying and driving up the cost of producing energy in America,” he said.

Finally, given that this is the Obama administration, you won’t be surprised to learn that oil and gas exploration is not the only aim of the survey:

In addition to assessing how much oil and natural gas is in the area, seismic testing would help determine the best places for wind turbines and other renewable energy projects, locate sand and gravel for restoring eroding coastal areas, and identify cultural artifacts such as historic sunken ships.

The Post reports that environmentalists are already opposing the survey which, conveniently, won’t begin until after the election.

Painting of Obama Trampling Constitution Resurfaces, Artist‘s New Work Tells ’Enslaved‘ Americans to ’Wake Up!’

From The Blaze:

Some may already be familiar with the image featured above. For those who aren’t, it is painting titled “The Forgotten Man” which features President Obama trampling on the Constitution while an astonished James Madison pleads with him to stop. To the side, a man sits on a park bench in the throes of depression while 43 presidents look on. The painting, which uses discarded dollar bills and scraps of paper with individual constitutional amendments scrawled onto them.

The Blaze first reported on artist Jon McNaughton’s controversial rendition back in 2010 when the artwork was released. Now, however, McNauughton’s Forgotten Man has resurfaced and is making its rounds across the internet again after appearing on Rachel Maddow’s blog on Thursday.

In a video that accompanied The Forgotten Man’s release, the politically charged McNaughton revealed, “For a long time I didn’t know if I wanted to paint this picture, because I worried it might be too controversial.”

He explained that the man on the park bench “represents every man, woman, and child who is an American“ and who ”hopes to find the American dream of happiness and prosperity.” The artist added, “But now because of unconstitutional acts imposed on the American people by our government we stand on the precipice of disasters.”

Read the rest at The Blaze.

What’s the Real State of the Union? These Numbers May Tell

From The Blaze:

A day before President Obama delivers his third State of the Union Address, his political opponents are lining up their responses. Speaker John Boehner has already printed a pamphlet to back up his positions.

It is doubtful that the President and the Speaker will see eye to eye on many things. Presented below are some basic statistics about the country. The numbers have been culled from a Washington Times Op-Ed from Joseph Curl

In the area of jobs and unemployment:

  • Unemployment currently sits at 8.5%. When Obama took office, it was 6.8%.
  • There are fewer payroll jobs in America than there were in 2000, and 40% of those are considered to be “low-paying.”
  • Also in decline, the self-employed. In the past six years, two million fewer people consider themselves to be self-employed.

In January, USA Today quoted GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on the unemployment problem since Obama took office:

“Three full years into the Obama presidency, and there are still 1.7 million fewer Americans going to work today than there were on Obama’s Inauguration Day.”

Read the rest at  The Blaze.

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