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Whitley County Patriots Official Response to the “Reasonable permit” Wind Article

As many of you know, on February 1st, the Post and Mail published a front-page story that was heavily biased towards the proposed industrial wind turbine installation in Whitley County.  It portrayed the three primary benefactors of the project as “second-class citizens” who were being deprived of the use of their land.

Whitley County Patriots is opposed to industrial wind energy due to the incredible about of tax subsidies and abatements that must be poured into it to make wind energy viable.  We took offense to the blatant use of the newspaper’s resources to plaster an OPINION all over the front page, and make it look like NEWS.

This is our official response.  This article was printed on the opinion page of the Post and Mail on February 8th.

Winners and losers…

Whitley County Patriots would like to respond to the article “A reasonable permit” published as the headline story in the Post and Mail on February 1, 2012, in which three Whitley County farmers were given this newspaper’s resources to put forward their point of view supporting the proposed industrial wind turbine project in southern Whitley County.

What’s the difference between Obama giving your tax money to Solyndra and giving your tax money to Wind Capital?  One made solar panels, and one erects wind turbines.  One filed bankruptcy (Solyndra), and one company (NTR PLC., parent of Wind Capital) currently has a stock price of 0.30 Euro.  In America, we call that a “penny stock”.  I don’t know what a Euro penny is called, do you?  In America, this stock would get delisted from both NYSE and NASDAQ.

Have you heard that it is a right-wing agenda that prevents wind turbines from operating at 100%?  Republicans have been accused of killing asthmatics with pollution from coal-fired generators by keeping the wind from blowing 400 feet from ground level.  I guess Mother Nature must be a Republican.

Before government can give money to anyone, it must take money from everyone in the form of taxes.  It really doesn’t grow on trees.  When did it become the job of government to pick winners and losers?  By giving our tax money to greedy corporate farmers, government is making them winners, while making the rest of us losers.  We losers keep on emptying our pockets for the winners.  Mr. Sickafoose says that “the farmers got screwed.”  Who is really getting screwed?

These so-called “wind-farmers” already receive millions of dollars from the USDA as farm subsidies.  Why do we need to give them more money to farm wind?  It seems like they are farming more in tax subsidies than agriculture.

Wind-created electricity is the most expensive power available.  It’s a shame that the REMC can’t buy that high-priced electricity, eliminate the need for coal-fired plants, and triple the electric bills of these “Solyndras of agriculture” without also tripling the bills of us losers.  Are the “winners” going to help with the “green power” electric bills they helped to create?
Aren’t our elected Commissioners and appointed Plan Commission supposed to consider the “quality of life” impact of their decisions for the entire county, not just the special interests?  Is the Plan Commission supposed to pick the winners and losers for Whitley County?  How can they justify creating 150 winners, while creating 33,000 losers? Maybe they need to hear the voices of more potential losers.

Why is wind energy so important?  Has anyone named an economic benefit from wind energy?  Our farming friends claim it to be in the form of lease payment windfalls, tax revenue, and lower tax rates for all.  These are nothing more than the money moving from losers to winners.  Economic benefits are realized when a product is produced at a profit.  There is no economic benefit when government forces consumers to pay inflated prices to the winners.

Let’s talk about the Whitley County budget.  When you look at the 10-year numbers in the Umbaugh report, you will find that the total “windfall” from this project is actually less than 1.5% of the current county budget.  How can we say that Whitley County will collect that revenue when the “facts” that went into the report came directly from Wind Capital?  Even if we assume the numbers are good, just five new $250,000 homes each year in Jefferson Township will have a larger impact on county revenue.  It’s a crying shame that nobody builds those kinds of homes in the middle of an industrial wind installation. It’s also a shame that the falling property values in the area will destroy any hope of lowering the property tax rates for us losers.

Mr. Reiff and Mr. Trier claim that the county is “confiscating 1,500 feet” of their property from “future economic development.”   This is simply a case of a new shoe being on the winners’ feet rather than the losers.  Were this boondoggle project to be allowed to continue, the winners would lose no sleep over the casting of shadows, throwing of ice, and sweeping noise onto the property of the losers to whom they sold a home parcel a few years ago.

Government has been taking control over land and labor for years.  Now, when the winners are at the pointy end of the stick, they cry “foul”.  I haven’t heard of any farmers coming to the aid of the landlord in Ogden Dunes who was fined $40,000 for renting his single-family home to a single family.

In closing, I don’t see any difference between one who says “I’m not too proud of my county”, and one who says “I have never been proud of my country.”
So, winners and losers, what good are 16 miles of new roads that dead end at wind turbines?

Terry Smith
Whitley County Patriots

Spanish signs at polling places in Indiana?

Here’s a rundown of a recent email conversation with the Indiana Secretary of State office regarding Spanish signs posted at Indiana polling places:

Question submitted to the Indiana Secretary of State website by Terry Smith:

Why were voting instructions at the November 2011 election posted in Spanish?

Response from Constituent Services, Office of the Indiana Secretary of State:

Mr. Smith,

Thank you for contacting the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State.

The United States holds the 5th largest Spanish speaking community in the world.  Since every American has the right to cast their vote, the Elections Division tries to accommodate every voter.  It is the same reason we have handicap accessible areas at polling places.  Every attempt is made to create a friendly accessible environment for voters to cast their ballots.

If you have further questions regarding this matter you may contact our Elections Division directly by calling (317) 232-3939.


Constituent Services
Office of the Indiana Secretary of State
200 W. Washington Street, Rm. 201
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Response from Terry Smith:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Are you saying that there is no legal requirement to post voting instructions in Spanish, but that your office made the decision to impose on  Whitley County election officials the requirement that they  post these Spanish lanquage signs?

What happened to the concept that English is the official lanquage of the State of Indiana?  Again, by what legal authority did you prepare Spanish langquage posters and require that they be posted at the polling stations on election day?

Further, contrary to the assertions in your correspondence, not “every American” has the right to vote.  and certainly not every Indiana resident of Spanish origin has the right to vote.  I would suspect that most eligible voters of Spanish decent can read the voting instructions in English and the Spanish language posters are superfluous.

So is this an ACORN driven effort to allow illegal aliens the opportunity to vote?

Terry L. Smith
116 North Main Street
Columbia City, IN 46725

UAW vs. Indiana’s PERF

Dear Editor:

Years ago Chrysler Corp. issued bonds at a pretty good interest rate.  Indiana invested billions of dollars from the Public Employee Retirement Fund to earn that really good interest.  Both parties were happy until the UAW bankrupted Chrysler.  Obama said to Indiana that all the money Indiana invested in Chrysler would have to go to the UAW.  Too bad, Indiana PERF.

Indiana’s PERF did not have enough money to pay out public pensions for more than a few years.  To extend the fund, Indiana assessed government subdivisions like Whitley County, Columbia City and the school corporation a huge chunk of change to make up the short fall and many in local government are wailing and gnashing their teeth about having to pay next year’s assessment (which ultimately we  taxpayers are going to have to pay).

My brother who is a Chrysler retiree told me that he deserved his retirement allotment and he didn’t care if Indiana’s retired teachers didn’t get theirs.  He said that Obama’s Hope and Change was a good thing for him.  He believes that the redistribution of wealth from Indiana’s PERF to Chrysler UAW was a good thing and he supported it.

I don’t have a dog in this fight because property taxes are frozen and the assessed value of my house declined $7,000 this year.  I won’t be on the South end of this wealth redistribution as these government officials tax you readers to pay government retirees.  How elected officials in the towns and city of Whitley County handle this matter may affect you in ways you won’t like.

Keep this in mind when you vote.

Terry L. Smith

Energy Policy Lunacy

Dear Editor:

The price of oil is over $100 a barrel and the price of gas is $3.25 a gallon.  The idiots in Washington want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a wind farm in Whitley County to generate electricity that costs 3 to 4 times more than what it costs with traditional generating plants.

Such lunacy is the result of a national energy policy based on voodoo science that climate change is man made.

It is this same energy policy that has killed 600,000 jobs in the proposed oil pipeline from Canada and oil production in America.  Add to that all the jobs lost by Obama’s off-shore drilling moratorium and the lunacy becomes down right scary.  Democrats don’t give a rat’s petunia about jobs in America unless they are make-work jobs like building wind mills that are too expensive to operate and solar panels that nobody will buy.

We need to defeat these Democrats who continue this onslaught of our country and our way of life and those Republicans who stand idly by while it happens. Wasteful spending pursuing a failed energy policy is the path to the demise of America.

Terry L. Smith

Shame, Shame, AARP.

Dear Editor:

Have you seen the political ad on TV by AARP – the one where the AARP member threatens any politician who would dare to suggest that entitlement programs need to be reformed?

We all know that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will blow up in our faces in the not to distant future- they are unsustainable as presently constituted.  One senior senator explained why he would do nothing to save the program by saying he would be dead by the time the country went bust so he didn’t care.

Just like that senator, “Kick the can down the road “ is AARP’s solution to the problem.

A more selfish disregard for our children and grandchildren could never have been imagined in this country 50 years ago.  AARP’s attitude of  “I want mine” will destroy this country.

Shame, Shame, AARP.

Terry L. Smith

God Bless America

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