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Reminder: Old Settlers Days Parade and July Meeting



Just a reminder that we will have a float in the Old Settlers Days parade tomorrow, and we need as many patriots as possible to join us on the float.  We will meet at Columbia City High School at 4:00pm, and the parade starts at 5:00pm.  Come out and show your patriotic spirit!


Also, don’t forget that our July meeting is this Tuesday, July 1st.  We will have several speakers, and many military vets and active service people with us.  Come out and show your support and appreciation for our military.  Shake their hands and tell them, “Welcome home!”  It’s never too late to say that to someone in the military.

God Bless America,
Carrie Beth Youse



David Ditton
Senior Webmaster, WCP

Old Settler’s Days Parade



Once again, the Whitley County Patriots have a float in the Old Settler’s Days Parade on Saturday, June 28th at 5pm.  We need to pack the float with as many people as we can to make a good showing at the parade.  Come on out and have fun while we blast patriotic music from the sound system on our float!  We will start lining up at Columbia City High School at 4pm.

God Bless America,

Carrie Beth Youse
Webmistress, WCP


David Ditton
Senior Webmaster, WCP

Third Parties, Third Ways, the Tea Party, and the GOP

From RedState:

This morning I wrote, “If the Republican Party will not aggressively fight for real cuts and real reform in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, if at all, it very much will be time for a third party in this country.”

The level of hand wringing and disgust from some was predictable. From others, it was downright humorous, if not a bit annoying. For seven years now I have written that third parties are not the way to shift this country. In fact, there is a whole chapter in my book about how third parties are not the answer.

So, I’m advocating a third party and not advocating a third party? It presents a WTF moment and I don’t mean “winning the future.”

Jim Pethokoukis, who is one of my must reads every day, I think probably got the point in this tweet.

From my book:

Remember that 300 Spartans held off the Persian Army. Small numbers compared to the thousands of well armed Persians. Small numbers working well together can be powerful numbers. It just takes some dedication.

Because of ballot access laws in the several states, it is virtually impossible to organize and operate a third party. Look at the Libertarians. They have been around for years and have zero nationally elected politicians and very, very few at the local level. Same with the Greens. And remember 1992? The Reform Party stormed onto the scene only to rain out.

If we are to fundamentally change this country, we will do so through the existing party apparatus. And it is damn easy if you work at it with some friends.

That’s one reason the tea party became so prominent in 2010. It worked as a third party within the existing party apparatus. It did not succumb to the charms of the establishment. It sought to slay the establishment and in many places it worked.

Unfortunately, since the election, we’ve seen a collapse of the national tea party movement, which has become much more fixated on lawsuits and fundraising, and local tea party activists have become very focused on local matters.

If the GOP will not stand and fight on the issue of the debt ceiling and reform, the tea party is going to have to become resurgent in a way we have not seen since the height of the Obamacare debate. During that debate, however, the energy was focused on Democrats. Now that energy must be brought to bear against Republicans, many of whom are even now plotting tax increases and insignificant cuts and structuring of the federal government.

The base needs to work now, within the party, to force the establishment to pay attention. The energy to create a third party and make it viable would distract from the present fight. Instead, the tea party movement needs to act like a third party within the GOP — separate itself from those presently in power if they are not true friends of the tea party movement and then seek to beat them from within.

Along the way, the tea party movement ought to start examining the laws of the several states and see which of them will allow nominations by party convention instead of primaries. Find those states — Georgia is a good example — and start working to force conventions. Then do in those states what happened in Utah to Bob Bennett.

If the Republican Party does not perceive and understand that it is under threat from within by its own base, it will continue surrendering when it should be fighting.

Rand Paul Defends Tea Party on Sen. Floor: I Dare You to Come to a Rally

From The Blaze:

“It’s amazing to me to be lectured to and hear about how awful the Tea Party is.”

So began Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) defense of the Tea Party on the Senate floor yesterday. And he took off from there, inviting detractors to visit an actual rally and chastising Democrats for trying to blame the Tea Party for the delay in approving a budget bill.

“They want to blame it on the Tea Party because in their secret caucus meetings they’ve done a poll that says the Tea Party could be the villain. Call them extreme, call them all Tea Partiers, say the Tea Party has taken over the Republican Party,” he said. “Well you know what the Tea Party believes in? Good government. We Believe in balancing the budget. We believe in reducing spending.”

Earlier, he talked about the false sense of compromise. “They say that compromise is the ideal,” Paul said. “They tell the Tea Party you need to compromise. But you know what the comprise is? They want to raise your taxes. … That‘s what they’re talking about.”

He then asked a simple question about the budget wrangling: “Will the deficit be more this year than last year?”* In short, he said, yes, and the trend will continue.*

Watch the eight minute speech below:

Tea Party Banned in Michigan Town

From Moonbattery:

Better not to let anyone exercise their First Amendment rights than to let Tea Party radicals publicize dangerous thoughts regarding limited government — or so reason the authoritarian bureauweenies running Coldwater, Michigan:

A federal lawsuit claims a Branch County tea party group was denied the right to display banners and signs at a tea party rally at a public park in Coldwater because it was “too political” and “too controversial.” The Coldwater City Council then passed a resolution banning all banners and signs in that park.

The Thomas More Law Center law firm filed its lawsuit last week in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. Attorney Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center alleged that Coldwater City Manager Jeff Budd objected because the Common Sense Patriots of Branch County were “too political” and “too controversial.” …

In a Nov. 2 memo to the City Council, Budd stated the “administrative headaches” of increased requests to have banners in the park led the city to either “allow all banners or no banners.”

The Tea Party is a headache all right — the worst headache statist thugs have had since 1776. No amount of Advil will make it go away.

Indiana tea partiers at odds over Senate candidate

From the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette:

TOM COYNE | Associated Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Five months after helping conservative Republicans earn victories in U.S. Senate, House and General Assembly elections, Indiana tea party groups are divided about how best to move forward with their plans to deny Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar a seventh term.

That division recently became public when leaders of the Elkhart-based Tea Party of Michiana Action Coalition, or TEA-MAC, issued a news release saying the group and some other tea party organizations disavow any affiliation with Hoosiers For Conservative Senate – a recently formed group with the stated purpose of electing a senator who reflects conservative values and adheres to the Constitution.

TEA-MAC leaders say the leaders of Hoosiers For Conservative Senate are attempting to usurp the individuality of tea party members and groups by presenting themselves as the voice of the Indiana tea party movement.

“I, as a tea party person, have to question their intentions,” TEA-MAC co-founder Peter Recchio said. “Anybody who tries to speak for tea parties of Indiana is trying to become the Tea Party from Indiana, which doesn’t exist.”

Read the rest at the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.

Should Congressmen Fear the Tea Party?

From Power Line:

Harry Reid apparently thinks he has a winning smear when he says that the Tea Party is driving Congressional Republicans. In his circle, association with the Tea Party is a bad thing. But is that true of Americans as a whole?

This Rasmussen survey, published yesterday, suggests that association with the Tea Party movement is generally considered a good thing. 48 percent of likely voters say their own views are closer to those of the average Tea Party member than to the average member of Congress. Only 20 percent say their views are closer to those of the average Congressman, while 30 percent are unsure.

Those data suggest that for most members of Congress, the best thing they could do is agree with Harry Reid that their views on the budget are those of the Tea Party movement. It is also noteworthy that Rasmussen’s findings have changed little since a year ago, which suggests that the Left’s outrageous smears against the movement–racism, etc.–have had little effect.

Every Tea Party Needs Sugar

From The Heritage Foundation:

The Sugar Act is often overshadowed by its infamous cousin: the Townshend Act and its tax on tea. But the outcome of the Sugar Act, instituted on this day in 1764, is significant enough to stand alone in American history. Though it did not have the flair of war-painted men seasoning the Boston Harbor, the imposition of the Sugar Act marks one of the first times the colonists gathered together to protest Parliament’s encroaching authority.

The British Parliament instituted the Sugar Act for the reason most taxes are imposed: to fill empty coffers. But the act was also intended “for better securing and encouraging the trade of His Majesties’ sugar colonies in America”.  The tax guaranteed the British West Indies a monopoly in the American market, forcing shippers to pay outrageous fees and every colonist to spend more money on everyday items (like molasses).

The colonists had been in the practice of ignoring British regulations by smuggling their goods in and out of the country. But under the Sugar Act, this was no longer an option. The Act gave the British Navy the authority to try smugglers in courts without juries.  Thus, the colonists had to find other means to protest the unfair tax.

As trade was increasingly obstructed, the colonial merchants called for a boycott of British goods. Samuel Adams brought the leaders of this effective boycott to form the revolutionary society, the Sons of Liberty. Together they began to petition Parliament and protest the effect of the tax on the colonial economy.

The Sugar Act was also the impetus for the colonists to doubt whether Britain had the authority to demand taxes without colonial representation in Parliament. In 1764 James Otis asked, “can there be any liberty where property is taken without consent?” The question still stands.

Republicans Shouldn’t Take Tea Party for Granted

From Big Government:

I recently met with a conservative Texas Congressman. I will not reveal his name because he did not give me permission and because it’s not the first time I have heard what he told me concerning the disappointing performance of Republican House Leadership since they were returned to power.

“What is it about the November election that Republican leadership doesn’t understand?” That is the first question I ask any Republican elected official who works in Washington. Each response from the numerous conservative Congressmen has been some variation of “they just don’t get it.” The Congressman who I met with said basically what I already knew, “House leadership has no plan to cut spending, repeal ObamaCare and is not conservative.”

Beyond that, the Congressman reported that he’s even heard Speaker Boehner speak derogatorily of the tea party behind closed doors. I’m not surprised. I have often said the Republican elite would like to see the tea party movement go away much more than the Democrats. I spoke last month with another Texas conservative Congressman who reported that Boehner has surrounded himself with “yes” men who are not conservatives and, if they once were, have sold their souls for leadership positions. Do you hear me Jeb Hensarling?

It’s this simple, the House Republican leaders have no plan to cut real federal spending or to repeal ObamaCare. Repealing or defunding ObamaCare was the ONE priority Americans sent the Republicans to do when they were returned to power in the House. I began to sense how things would be when Republicans pledged to cut spending by only $100 billion. $100 billion? Wow. Veni, vidi, durmi! I came, I saw, I yawned! We have a $1.65 TRILLION deficit this year alone! And, of course, Republican leadership has already retreated from the $100 billion to a measly $51 billion. You have to hand it to Republicans, they never fail to disappoint!

Harry Reid: Tea Party Is Ending

From Moonbattery:

Remember, just before the surge that he opposed turned everything around, when Harry Reid declared of the war in Iraq, “This war is lost“? Now he says the Tea Party is petering out:

Guess again, you corrupt collectivist creep. The Tea Party has only just begun.

God Bless America

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