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Allen West

Allen West Responds to Obama’s Views on Unemployment

From Moonbattery:

Comrade Obama recently revealed that the stratospheric unemployment he has presided over is not the result of excessive government suffocating the economy, but of ATMs. This gave Rep. Allen West (R-FL) ideas for other avenues for increasing employment:

It’s reassuring to know there are at least a few real Americans in Washington.

Allen West on Israel

From Moonbattery:

Would a President Allen West knife Israel in the back on behalf of our shared Islamic enemies? This speech from last December answers the question:

Allen West on Obama

From Moonbattery:

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) speaks for patriots across the country on the topic of the Moonbat Messiah:

“I can’t stand the guy.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting to hear this sentiment from Newt, Romney, et al.

Say What? Allen West Wants to Stop Wasting Time Defunding Obamacare

From The Blaze:

He‘s Glenn Beck’s pick for president. He’s loved by the Tea Party. And he’s not afraid to stand up to hecklers. But what you might not know about Rep. Allen West (R-FL), he’s also bucking his party on Obamacare. For example, he just voted against defunding it.

“What?” some just cried out audibly. It’s true. West not only was one of only four Republicans to vote against a measure that week that would strip $100 million in funding for the construction of school-based health centers.

And it wasn’t a mistake, slip of the finger, or accidental oversight. According to his office, he‘s questioning the GOP’s strategy.

He “believes there are bigger funding issues to be focusing on right now including the numerous developments in the Middle East, concerning Pakistan and whether there is a link to [Osama bin Laden] and the recent unity agreement with the [Palestinian Authority] and Fatah and Hamas,” West spokeswoman Angela Sachitano told The Hill in an e-mail.

“He voted to repeal Obamacare, and it was dead on arrival in the Senate,” she added. “He questions what the goal is of chipping away like this if it’s almost certain that the Senate is not going to take it up.”

But according to The Hill, West hasn’t been completely opposed to all defunding efforts. A day before voting against defunding the school-based health centers, he did vote to strip funds from the state-based insurance exchanges created by Obamacare. The Hill says Sachitano declined to explain why he voted for one measure and not the other.

Earlier this year, West did vote to repeal the entire bill, and explained his decision in an interview:

While Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey can understand (slightly) what West is talking about, he sees a lot of problems with the Tea Party leader’s position. The biggest one? It could get him voted out of office.

“Tea Party activists warned that they would focus their ire on Republicans who got elected and then attempted to moderate their positions on ObamaCare, spending, and taxes,” Morrissey writes. “I wonder if anyone thought that one of the first they’d have to address would be Col. West?”

Allen West Asks: ‘Is it Open Season on a Principled Black Conservative?’

From The Blaze:

Rep. Allen West, who received a derogatory letter with mysterious white powder in it last week, has some stern words for his menacing critics.

From The Hill:

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) used an email to constituents to respond to a threat against his Florida office last week and to warn critics to “be careful of whom you are choosing to employ these tactics against.”

West, a retired Army colonel, has become a national figure among Tea Party activists since defeating Democrat Ron Klein last November. The Florida Republican will be a top target of national Democrats seeking to regain the majority in the House in 2012.

In that letter, West wrote, “This incident, is just another in several incidents that have occurred over the last couple of years and, have put me in quite a bad mood.”

He offered the example of a “liberal blogger publicly stating that he wanted to ‘skin me alive,’ ” and a protest outside his office led by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) “castigating me as a ‘misogynist.’ “

“I find it interesting that in all of these instances, the media simply dismissed the incidents,” West said. “One might wonder — is it open season on a principled black conservative?”

He ended his letter on a bit of a macho note: “Let me be very clear to all reading this missive, but mostly to liberals who subscribe to this behavior, be careful of whom you are choosing to employ these tactics against…I consider myself an easy-going fella who will always engage in intense intellectual exchange. However, if you choose this path of personal attacks, intimidation, and threats you will encounter a very different Congressman (LTC. Ret) Allen B. West.”

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