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Herman Cain

Is Cain Able to Kill the Tax Code?

From Big Government:

Herman Cain is the only GOP presidential candidate who wants to kill the tax code. That’s right. Put a knife in it. Junk the entire system. And people are cheering as he rises in the polls in his quest for the nomination.

Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is not perfect. But then again, the good should never the enemy of the perfect.

Congressman Paul Ryan gives the plan a thumbs-up. Supply-side mentor Art Laffer tells me it would be “far, far better than the current system.” And Chris Chocola, president of the free-market Club for Growth, calls it “a truly revolutionary tax reform that would amount to a massive job-creating tax cut on investments, savings, and income.”

As the world now knows, 9-9-9 translates to a 9 percent income-tax rate, a 9 percent value-added net sales tax rate on business, and a 9 percent national sales tax overall. Like many conservatives, I am troubled by the national-sales-tax piece. It reminds me too much of Europe. It could start low and then build on top of the other taxes. But I totally support the first two nines on personal income and business. In my view, these are vast improvements.

For his part, Cain argues that the sales-tax nine would pick up revenue and help to lower the rate for everybody, especially the middle class. His economic adviser Rich Lowrie told me in a CNBC interview that the sales tax is a replacement tax, not an add-on tax like you’d find at the state level. This is a key point. Lowrie said, “All we are doing is pulling out taxes that are invisible. We’re cutting the rates. We’re putting them back in at lower rates.”

Read the rest at  Big Government.

Herman Cain: Homosexuality Is a ‘Sin’ and a ‘Choice’

From The Blaze:

Presidential contender and former Godfather’s Pizza executive Herman Cain was clear and concise when addressing his views on homosexuality. TMP has more:

Fresh off his keynote speech at the Faith And Freedom Conference in Washington last weekend, Herman Cain took a socially conservative hard-line stance on sexual orientation in an interview with CBS News.

“I believe homosexuality is a sin because I’m a Bible-believing Christian, I believe it’s a sin,” Cain said, adding, “I believe it is a choice.”

On the flip side, earlier this week we covered former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and his cautiousness when discussing his faith and the Mormon Church’s stance on gay marriage and homosexuality.

You can watch Cain’s comments in the CBS News clip below:

Cain: If Banks Struggle, ‘Let Them Fail’

From National Review:

Herman Cain, the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, says that if were president, and major American banks were in financial trouble, he would “let them fail.”

Cain, who initially supported the Troubled Assets Relief Program in October 2008, tells NRO that his position on bank bailouts has evolved. “We were in this financial meltdown like I had never seen before in my business career,” he explains. “I don’t think the typical American understood just how dangerous that was, not only for this country, but for the world.”

“The concept of the government providing assistance to the banking system, to help them get their act back together, I did support,” Cain says. “What I didn’t support was how they implemented it, how they carried it out.”

Herman Cain on His 2012 Chances

From National Review:

Herman Cain sees an opening.

As numerous big-name Republicans drop out of the race, Cain, a former pizza magnate, tells National Review Online that he can win the GOP presidential nod.

“I can’t say who else might get in,” Cain says. “But if you look at the announced candidates — Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and me — I think my chances of getting the nomination are just as great as their chances, and probably better than some of them.”

“People are looking for a candidate,” Cain explains, days after he announced his run at an Atlanta rally. “Fewer people are competing for the same votes and the same dollars. We have a real opportunity to pick up some support.”

The polls back up his confidence. A new Gallup survey shows Cain with a huge following among conservatives who are paying attention to the 2012 campaign. “Cain, although still not widely known, has the highest ‘positive intensity score’ among Republicans of any potential GOP candidate still in the race,” Gallup reports. “His ‘positive intensity score’ of 27 matches the highest yet recorded for any candidate or potential candidate this year.”

Cain, a longtime Georgia resident, predicts that he can build a national network of conservatives — and fill the void in the GOP primary for a southern man. He thinks that he can perform very well in South Carolina’s primary and, as a fresh voice in Iowa and New Hampshire, rise quickly.

“I do not believe that the South, nor Georgia, is necessarily Newt Gingrich’s territory, simply because of the experience that he has there,” Cain says. “We are going to do well in all of these early states. People are connecting with my message, with my commonsense solutions and my passion.”

“People know that I am not just giving a stump speech,” he continues. “I am giving speeches about what is in my head and in my heart. That is resonating. So I am going to keep doing what I have been doing, which is building a ‘bottom-up’ campaign around the country.”

Cain acknowledges that his momentum has not garnered much media coverage. After toiling for months under the radar, he is ready to “call names.”

Introducing Herman Cain

From National Review:

‘How many of you think Herman Cain won the debate?”

Twenty hands shot up.

“Well, we can stop right there,” said Frank Luntz, a fast-talking political consultant, as he paced before a Fox News focus group on May 5. “This is unprecedented.”

Luntz pointed to the top row, looking for answers. One by one, South Carolina Republicans in trucker caps and business suits raved about Cain. After watching the 65-year-old spar with fellow GOP presidential contenders, many were itching to join his ranks.

“He’s a breath of fresh air,” explained one gentleman. “He is the godfather of business sense, and he can attack Obama well,” declared a middle-aged lady. Others nodded vigorously.

Luntz was stunned. “[Cain] was not a real candidate before tonight,” he exclaimed. “What happened?”

Read the rest at National Review.

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