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Elections Matter

From Moonbattery:


November Is Coming

From RedState:

After November, Then What?

From Ricochet by George Savage:

Republicans, led by conservatives, are poised to do extremely well in November. But what then? The statist project has burrowed into our constitutional republic over a span of 80 years. How do we stage a concerted, long-term effort to reverse the trend, first by reigniting economic growth to ward off immediate calamity, then by slowly and methodically restoring our country?

I offer here my own omnibus American Liberty and Recovery Act of 2011, fully realizing that it is too ambitious in scope — one of many reasons why I’m not a politician.


  1. Repeal Obamacare. If repeal is vetoed refuse to fund implementation of the bill.
  2. Reform health care (for real this time) by permitting consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines. Also, equalize the tax treatment of employer-provided and individually-purchased health insurance.
  3. Deny EPA funding to regulate carbon dioxide, eliminating this backdoor effort at centralized industrial policy via administratively enacted cap and trade.
  4. Direct Treasury to unwind and privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  5. Direct Treasury to sell its stakes in US banks and automakers.
  6. Reverse the Gulf of Mexico oil-drilling ban.
  7. Repeal Obama’s new CAFÉ standards – automaker stimulus we can believe in.
  8. Repeal Dodd-Frank financial regulation – avoid the coming nightmare.
  9. Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley financial regulation – end the nightmare we already know by bringing back small company IPOs.
  10. Repeal the ethanol mandate for automobile fuel. Direct EPA to preempt state-by-state custom fuel blends, creating a truly national market.


  1. Extend the Bush tax cuts – all of them.
  2. Reduce the US corporate income tax rate, at 35 percent the second highest on earth, to 15 percent. Get out of the way as corporate dollars and jobs flood back into America.
  3. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. One tax system at a time is enough.
  4. Implement an Accelerated Cost Recovery System modeled on the Reagan-era depreciation schedule to spur investment in plant and equipment. Watch American small businesses start growing again.
  5. Enact the Ryan plan to place entitlement spending on a more sustainable trajectory
  6. Weed TARP and stimulus dollars out of the federal budget baseline. Return overall federal spending to pre-financial crisis levels.

So, fellow Ricochetans, if you were the incoming Speaker in the 112th Congress, what would you do in the first 100 days to save our country from the current crisis and set the stage for 2012 and beyond?

Go to Ricochet and read the comments…

Webmaster’s Note: Ricochet is a ‘conversation’ site, where people write pieces like this and then invite public comment…which is usually a very good read.

The Growing Detachment of the Political Class

From RedState:

I hate to keep harping on this topic, but it is so very relevant to the present political discussion. The political class and its sycophants — and I want to be clear here that this is bipartisan and, to a degree, across ideological lines — has grown hopelessly out of touch with the rest of America. The political class that supports things like the Ground Zero mosque has become fringe.

They and their ideas are bounced back and forth and embraced as gospel truth with no bearing on reality. They preach to the masses, turn their noses up at alternatives, and believe that the world is all right as long as they are in charge.

Meanwhile, their poll numbers keep going down, their viewers flee, and their subscribers cancel. Why watch, listen to, or read the predictable beltway drivel that everyone knows is the talking point of the day and everyone knows is pretty much garbage.

But they’ll keep telling us the same thing over and over trying to force us to believe them. Remember, Obamacare is unpopular because of misinformation, not because people know what is in it.

Read the rest at RedState.

Now THIS is a campaign ad…

From RedState:

Seeing as the one that the Democratic Governors Association came up with recently was simultaneously: foul-mouthed; pathetically lame; and very possibly in violation of American copyright law… I’d thought that I’d take pity on the poor, doomed fellows and let them take a look at what a good campaign ad looks like. From the RGA, a reminder that there’s an election in 14 weeks:

14 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

And I invite the DGA to try to beat that. Mostly because it’s remarkably funny to watch them flail around trying to look like actual winners.

Remember in November

Posted here without comment…

Obama’s Radical Agenda Revealed

From Big Government:

Organizing for America (formerly known as Obama for America) is the new organized group that President Obama is using to push his agenda on America. This group is so well organized it makes you wonder if President Obama should have hired the people who run it to take care of the BP oil spill.

This group has two functions:  First is to push and promote Obama’s political agendas and bills from DC by delivering talking points through various mediums (My Barack Obama, Fight The Smears, and  The second is to create a pool of volunteers for the DNC to use to influence local and national elections in November.

The latest string of emails sent out by OFA have been talking points about renewable energy and the BP oils pill. The latest of these solicitations had a video address embedded in an email from the President specifically asking for OFA’s support to “rebuild our nation’s economy on a new foundation” of renewable energy.  He tells OFA members that we must “seize this moment,” to pass comprehensive energy reform or we will “miss our chance.”  It appears that President Obama would never say something like this in a Presidential address from the oval office but when it’s “just us,” he has no problem divulging his true agenda.

Read the rest at Big Government.

Indiana On My Mind (and Kentucky too)

From RedState:

So Marlin Stutzman did not make it across the finish line and Dan Coats did. Well, we at RedState have always maintained that we are conservatives in the primary and Republican in the General. So we’re all in for Dan Coats.

But along the way there is something more. Activists need to get their boots on the ground and get into the process to help people like Coats, but more importantly to help themselves.

Anyone can be an activists. But very few are effective activists.

If you live anywhere near Indiana, you owe it to yourself to go to the last of the Post Party Summits in Indianapolis this coming weekend.

Steven Crowder is going to be there. It’s worth going if only to meet Steven.

If you live in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, or wherever, do yourself and the cause a favor — get to the Post Party Summit.

Why There’s No Substitute for Victory in 2010

From Power Line:

This piece in the Wall Street Journal considers whether Republicans will be better off if they don’t quite capture control of the House of Representatives in 2010. The case for such a view is: (1) if Republicans are in charge of the House, “they’d take on much more responsibility for what happens in Washington; yet inevitably they would be in charge by such a slim margin they wouldn’t be able to really control much, particularly if Democrats keep control of the Senate, which seems likely” and (2) if Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker, President Obama, “freed of some of the need to keep his party’s liberal wing in the House happy” will “find it easier to move to the political center.”

This case is severely flawed. First, even if the Republicans control the House, the public will still recognize that it’s Obama’s game. After the Democrats captured both chambers of Congress in 2006, the public continued to hold Republicans accountable for what occurred in Washington, and the Democrats followed up their big 2006 with a big 2008. Voters are thus able to distinguish between control of the House and control of Washington.

Second, there’s no reason to think that Nancy Pelosi is responsible for President Obama’s left-liberalism. After all, before he was president, Obama was the Senate’s most liberal member. Thus, Obama is a man of the left, and it’s most unlikely that he will move appreciably to the center if the Republicans take the House. It’s true that Bill Clinton changed his tune after 1994. But we should all realize by now that Barack Obama is far more the ideologue than Bill Clinton.

If Obama did move to the center, however, that would be a good thing for the country. And here we come to the other problem with the Republican case for not recapturing Congress: even if this somehow were a good thing for the Party, it would be a bad thing for country.

Read the rest at Power Line.

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