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Richard Mourdock

Richard Mourdock to speak at Sugar Grove Church

Richard Mourdock, Indiana State Treasurer and former candidate for Indiana Senate, will be speaking at Sugar Grove Church of God this Sunday morning, November 10th, for both services, 8:15 A.M. and 10:30 A.M.

Sunday School classes which normally meet at 9:30 have been cancelled for this week to give a greet and meet time with a continental breakfast. You would have the opportunity to speak with Richard if you so choose.

Mr. Mourdock will be speaking on THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.  Sugar Grove chose the month of November to invite Richard to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  Those of you who have ever heard Mr. Mourdock speak, knows he speaks from the heart and is an awesome speaker.  Mr. Mourdock is a history buff, reading history nearly every day and he is an expert on Abraham Lincoln.

All are invited to hear Mr. Mourdock speak this Sunday.

Sugar Grove Church of God is located at 5019 E. 500 S., Churubusco, IN 46723. (Note: Sometimes GPS has a difficult time locating the church which is actually barely across the county line so is in Noble County.

These are the driving directions from Churubusco:

  • The intersection of 33 & 205 has a fifth street: Line Street.
  • Turn onto Line Street and continue until you have to turn at the T.
  • Turn LEFT at this T and at the very next road, turn RIGHT. (That road actually is a T road and you can only turn RIGHT!).
  • The church will be found at the 1st intersection.

For questions, contact Linda Zimmerman at 260-691-3963.

Church Nursery and Children’s Church (for those who want to take advantage) will be staffed during both services. Children are always welcome in the Sanctuary.


Senator Lugar Votes to Protect Earmarks

From Wrap Your Head Around:

Yesterday, the Senate voted on an amendment to the S. 2038 (STOCK Act—Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act).

The amendment, introduced by Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) and cosponsored by others such as Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, was voted down. The amendment’s stated purpose was to prohibit earmarks.

So the big question: how did Indiana’s senators vote? Dan Coats voted in favor of the amendment. Dick Lugar voted against it, thus proving that he isn’t really serious about cutting spending—and his opponent in this year’s senate race, Richard Mourdock, was quick to let the people of Indiana know the corruption of which Lugar is protecting in an email titled Would you like some pork with your debt? In the email, Mourdock also provided a link to his latest video: “Dick Lugar’s Record on Earmarks.”

It’s time to retire Senator Lugar, folks. See Mourdock’s video below:

Lugar the Liar distorts property tax issue


Richard Lugar has a reputation as a distinguished statesman. He’s knowledgeable about foreign policy and has done valuable work securing the former Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal. He’s respected by both Republicans and Democrats. He’s in danger of throwing all of that away with an underhanded, highly dishonest attack on his opponent. Lugar looks like a typical politician desperate to keep his seat.

At issue is the property tax exemption that Richard Mourdock got for his Indianapolis home. This is an issue that flared up over the summer, and was settled months ago. A property tax exemption had been mistakenly applied to Mourdock’s home by the Marion County Auditor’s Office. Channel 13 reported on June 23 that he “has a form from the Marion County auditor’s office admitting to the mix-up.” The Indianapolis Star reported a month ago that the auditor’s office said Mourdock would pay the back taxes due when his next statement is mailed.

Lugar’s campaign sent a particularly nasty e-mail last week bringing up the dead property tax issue, accusing Mourdock of illegal behavior and bashing his donation to his own campaign. Lugar’s campaign wrote:

Richard Mourdock had taken a homestead exemption on two homes, one in Indianapolis and one in Evansville, which is illegal under Indiana law.

This is simply shameful and well below what we should expect from someone like Lugar. Mourdock did not take two homestead exemptions, and Lugar knows it. It was a mistake by the Marion County Auditor’s Office. Lugar is claiming that Mourdock had intentionally broken the law. Lugar should be ashamed of himself for this deliberate distortion.

Read the rest at

The Last of Lugar?

From National Review:

When Barack Obama was running for president, there was one Republican besides George W. Bush whom he wouldn’t stop talking about. “Politics don’t have to divide us,” he said at his campaign kickoff in 2007. “I’ve worked with Republican senator Dick Lugar . . .” Obama dropped the name of the senior senator from Indiana during his first presidential debate with John McCain, and then again during their third debate: “If I’m interested in figuring out my foreign policy, I associate myself with my running mate, Joe Biden, or with Dick Lugar.” Obama even ran advertisements that showed him with Lugar.

To the surprise of many, the Hoosier State wound up giving its electoral votes to a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since 1964 and for only the second time since the Depression. “I saw those ads,” says Richard Mourdock, Indiana’s Republican treasurer. “My reaction was: You’ve got to be kidding me.” Mourdock assumed that they’d disappear in a day or two. “It was an implied endorsement. I thought Lugar would pick up the phone and ask for the ads to go off the air. That didn’t happen. You can make a case that Obama won our state’s eleven electoral votes because of those ads.”

Democrats may have flourished in Indiana in 2008, but Republicans roared back in 2010. They won every statewide office, picked up two congressional seats, and gained commanding majorities in the state legislature. Mourdock collected more than a million votes as he coasted to reelection. Now he has set his sights on a new office — the one currently held by Lugar. In February, he announced for the Senate.

Mourdock plans to oust the Republican heavyweight by tapping the energy of grassroots conservatives and tea-party activists, repeating last year’s insurgent performances by Mike Lee in Utah, Marco Rubio in Florida, and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania. Between now and May 8, 2012, when Indiana primary voters head to the polls, the Lugar–Mourdock race could become one of the most bitter and hard-fought Republican contests in the country.

Read the rest at National Review.

Richard Mourdock for Senate

From RedState:

I have, for a number of months, been asked what I thought of Indiana and the race for the Senate there. I have said all along that Richard Lugar’s time has passed and it is time for us to replace him with someone else.

I wanted to wait and see who would stand up to take the challenge of moving that seat to the right. One man has — Richard Mourdock.

For the better part of his Senate career, Richard Lugar has defined leadership as reaching across the aisle to screw conservatives. He was a thorn in President Reagan’s side. He is a problem now for conservatives.

He has supported earmarks, refused to sign a brief opposing Obamacare, and routinely laments “polarization”, by which he means conservatives actually standing up and fighting back.

As much as conservatives need to stop Heather Wilson from winning the GOP nomination in New Mexico, conservatives and tea party activists can and should seize this moment and beat Richard Lugar.In fact, I hear that the GOP establishment in D.C. is deeply worried. There is independent polling out showing Lugar is extremely vulnerable to be beaten in a Republican primary.

Let’s do it. And let’s do it with Richard Mourdock.

While Lugar has been in the Senate fighting against conservatives, Mourdock has been in Indiana fighting for conservatives. Mourdock has been out on the campaign trail withstanding attack after attack from Lugar and his acolytes. And the attacks have all largely been to cast Mourdock as . . . wait for it . . . too conservative for Indiana.

Mourdock can win. He has a track record. The Republicans in Indiana have grown weary of Senator Lugar. It’s time to retire Lugar to the Bipartisan Policy Center, where all former moderate Republicans go to embrace their inner liberal, and send Richard Mourdock to the United States Senate.

Indiana’s Internal Insurrection

From National Review:

GOP challenger Richard Mourdock leads “a rebellion inside the walls.”

The 2010 midterms generated more than the usual number of epic GOP Senate primary battles: Marco Rubio vs. Charlie Crist, Rand Paul vs. Trey Grayson, Christine O’Donnell vs. Mike Castle. One of the biggest, if not the biggest battle of this coming year is likely to occur in Indiana, where six-term incumbent senator Richard Lugar is likely to face a tough push from Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock. Mourdock recently spoke with NRO.

NRO: The first and the most basic question for any candidate: Why are you running?

RICHARD MOURDOCK: Simply stated, because I believe we have to change direction in the United States Senate. As our budget problems show, we keep kicking the can down the road instead of dealing with them. We need to make some hard decisions, and I’m not sure that the body that is there today is ready to make the hard decisions. I think we need some new voices in the Senate.

NRO: What happened to Richard Lugar? MOURDOCK: First of all, as I always say, I have great respect for Senator Lugar. Anyone who serves almost 50 years in public life deserves the respect of everyone. But I think, and I hear it often, that Senator Lugar is now perceived here in Indiana as having a worldview rather than a Hoosier view. I think there comes a time — and I don’t care who you are, Democrat, Republican, man, or woman — that if you spend enough time in Washington, D.C., you become disconnected from your electorate. I certainly think that’s happened in this case, and that’s one of the reasons we’re running as strong as we are.

Read the rest at National Review.

Lugar Campaign Email Threatens Independent Bid, Calls Pro-Mourdock Republicans “Dupes”

From HoosierAccess:

It’s come to this.

Lugar’s campaign emails have always been amazingly tone-deaf, needlessly negative, and incredibly arrogant (just read some of the past ones here and here).

The latest email takes the cake.

It’s one thing to be critical of your opponent; that’s nothing new in campaign emails.

It’s even more strange for Lugar’s supporters to start attacking individual Tea Party leaders (because they’re desperate to caricature Richard Mourdock, a very electable and proven vote-getting conservative Republican, as an unelectable quack). They’ve now done that too.

The Lugar campaign’s latest email, written by David Willkie (grandson of Hoosier Republican* presidential nominee Wendell Willkie) haughtily tells Republicans “you have been led down a wrong path and it’s time to come home.”

You can all but see the sneer through the text.

Apparently, we can’t make decisions for ourselves; we need to rely on Lugar and his staff of well-heeled intellectual wonders for that.

The email goes on to urge Republicans, particularly county chairs that have overwhelmingly endorsed Mourdock, to “rally” to Lugar.

And if they don’t, it lays out clear consequences.

Read the rest at HoosierAccess.

Lugar camp takes the low road

From Angry White Boy:

Last night I received my third email from Mark Helmke, (Paul’s brother). Mark is Dick Lugar’s official campaign spokesperson.

In this email, he’s attempting to discredit Monica Boyer, who last year formed Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate, which has the goal is sending Mr. Lugar into retirement.

The email, with commentary.

When I was a young reporter, a book titled “Precision Journalism,” was much discussed among the trade to guard against so-called experts who manipulated numbers to make a political point. My old-school political boss grandfather lectured that the only numbers that mattered were the final score of the game and the election results.

In the past several months, a Warsaw, Indiana, college secretary named Monica Boyer has received incredible national press coverage for her attacks on Senator Dick Lugar. Google reports that “Monica Boyer Indiana” has 1,530,000 hits. Impressive, especially when compared to the declared primary candidate against Lugar, Richard Mourdock, with 26,400 hits.

Are we now measuring one’s political clout in Google hits? Actually, Helmke is wrong, he didn’t use a boolean search, he simply Googled Monica Boyer Indiana, which gets you every page that has the term Monica, Boyer or Indiana. The proper way to do the search would be like this: +”Monica Boyer” +Indiana. That would get you pages that had the term Monica Boyer and Indiana on the same page. The results for that are 9,770. Richard Mourdock in quotes results in 46,100 results. But honestly, who cares?

Last November, Monica Boyer lost a three way race for the Warsaw school board 65 to 19 to 17. Seventeen votes for Monica from her neighbors, not the national media. And then just yesterday, Monica’s husband was on the ballot in the Republican Primary for the Warsaw City Council District 2. Brian Boyer lost 135-70.

Helmke’s is attempting to somehow discredit her, and frankly, I don’t see how the above is germane to his real issue, which is the fact that Monica has received a lot of national media attention. I corresponded with Monica about his email. As for the election, she stated that when both her and her husband Brian entered the races, they knew from the start it would be impossible to win given how closed the doors are in the political world in Warsaw, and they are going to continue trying.

Real political clout there for the Boyer family as they proclaim they will “bloody their knuckles” taking on Senator Lugar.

Boyer’s actual quote was this. “Our heels will have blisters, our knuckles will get bloody, we will work ourselves to the bone… but our boots on the ground will beat his millions.

He closes with this:

For the record, Senator Lugar won with 87% of the vote in 2006, has a 67% approval rating, and 2,840,000 Google hits. Maybe it’s time for some precision journalism.

Back to Helmke’s first sentence in the email. “When I was a young reporter, a book titled “Precision Journalism,” was much discussed among the trade to guard against so-called experts who manipulated numbers to make a political point.”

If you Google Dick Lugar in quotes, he actually only gets about 414,000 results.  I don’t think Mark manipulated the numbers, he just doesn’t have a clue as to proper use of a search engine.

Maybe with his “precision journalism” thing he’s saying that the media are dolts for focusing on Monica’s thus far successful efforts to unseat his boss.

I’m also not sure I’d brag about Lugar’s approval rating from an internal poll taken back in October of 2010 when Lugar had no challenger, as Mourdock had yet to announce he was running against Lugar.

Helmke is apparently not paying attention. Mourdock won the Whitley County Patriot straw poll yesterday 67 votes to 5 votes against Lugar. At the recent Lincoln Day Dinner in Pike Co. Mourdock won another straw poll, with 79% of the vote, and at the Harrison County Lincoln Day Dinner, Mourdock won again with 85% of the vote.

I know straw polls at GOP functions are not a barometer for how voters will decide in November, but Mourdock is gaining ground, and Helmke fears he may have to brush up the old resume. I should also remind Helmke that Mourdock has been endorsed by 68 of the state’s 92 Republican county chairmen. Also, on the Club for Growth’s senate scorecard, Lugar scores at the bottom of Republicans, just above the democrats.

I’ll close with a message for Mark from Monica.

“It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

The Mourdock Effect

From HoosierAccess:

Poor Dick Lugar. Farm boy, Rhodes Scholar, Richard Nixon’s favorite mayor during his time as Indianapolis’s mayor, repeated Presidential candidate and the rumored running mate for every Republican Presidential pick since Ronald Reagan in 1980. He’s done everything possible on paper, yet has paid little attention to his fellow Hoosiers.

President Obama’s favorite Republican mistakenly showed his true colors earlier today by initially declaring his opposition to the House-passed spending cuts:

As Lugar entered the weekly caucus lunch, he indicated he would oppose the House bill, saying, “I’m opposed to it.”

Lugar had previously raised concerns about the bill during a television appearance last month.

When CNN host Candy Crowley asked Lugar if he could support the House-passed spending cuts, he said: “No, I would not support the entirety of the House bill, but I think the basic problem presently is there’s very little time.”

Not surprisingly, once the Senator’s “people” got to him, the 78 year-old six-term Senator quickly remembered his talking points and “clarified” his earlier statement:

Lugar said Tuesday afternoon that he made a mistake when he told reporters earlier in the day that he would oppose H.R. 1, the House GOP plan to cut an additional $57 billion from the 2011 budget.

“I’m going to vote with the Republicans on the issue when H.R. 1 comes up,” Lugar said. “If it’s strictly an affirmative vote, I will be for H.R. 1 because all the Republicans will be voting for H.R. 1.”

Does anyone think this would’ve happened if State Treasurer Richard Mourdock hadn’t mounted a Primary challenge?

Mourdock Launches Bid to Unseat Lugar

From Fort Wayne Observed:

Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock has launched his bid to unseat incumbent US Senator Richard Lugar. He included a link to a donation site in a letter emailed to supporters this morning.

He held an announcement event this morning at the ArtsGarden at the Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis.

In an email to potential supporters this morning, Mr. Mourdock wrote:

Dear Hoosier Republican: 

Dick Lugar used to be OUR US Senator.  Now, according to MSNBC,  Lugar is “Barack Obama’s Favorite Republican.”  Why?
    • Dick Lugar voted for Obama’s liberal supreme court nominees – Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan
    • Senator Dick Lugar appeared in a 2008 Obama campaign commercial
    • Lugar co-sponsored Obama’s DREAM Act that would provide amnesty for illegal immigrants
    • Lugar recently expressed support for banning legal firearms in response to the shooting in Tucson
    • Dick Lugar voted against earmark reform
    • Dick Lugar helped ram the START Treaty through the lame duck session so that newly elected Republican senators couldn’t even consider it

Simply put, Obama loves having Republican Senator Dick Lugar on his side.
But we Republicans in Indiana need someone who will speak for us.   Not Barack Obama.  That’s why, after much consideration, I’ve decided to challenge Dick Lugar in the Republican Primary for US Senate.
After 35 years in Washington, Dick Lugar has forgotten what it means to be a Republican.  But we haven’t.
You know, President Obama once said that Dick Lugar was among those “who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House.”
But, instead, it appears that Obama has shaped Lugar. 
To turn our country around, we need fresh ideas from new leaders who hold conservative principles. As Indiana State Treasurer, I single-handedly challenged the Obama Administration’s illegal bailout and takeover of Chrysler. I took this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Indiana pensioners and all the while, Dick Lugar never once protested the fact that Indiana’s teachers and State Police officers were having their pensions funds looted.
I will stand up for hard-working citizens, unlike the bureaucrats that are in Washington now.
Folks, it’s time. It’s our time to be heard and so I humbly ask for your support.
Richard Mourdock
Indiana Republican US Senate Candidate

God Bless America

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