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A Closer Look At Senator Dick Lugar’s Deep RINO Roots: What is Lugar’s Connection to Wendell Willkie, the First RINO of Record?

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

It’s no secret that many in the Republican party are upset with Senator Richard Lugar for calling himself a Republican while behaving like a liberal, thus earning the title of RINO (Republican In Name Only).

For those who understand the past, it should come as no surprise that Lugar recently praised Obama’s “strong voice and creativity” and also referred to our socialist-leaning president as “my good friend.”

“I very much feel like the novice and pupil,” Obama has said of Lugar.

In addition, When Barak Obama was running for president, he referred to Lugar as someone he would go to when it comes to foreign policy.  Lugar is the only Senate Republican to publicly endorse the New START pact that President Obama negotiated with Russia.

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

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