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Old Settler’s Days Parade



Once again, the Whitley County Patriots have a float in the Old Settler’s Days Parade on Saturday, June 28th at 5pm.  We need to pack the float with as many people as we can to make a good showing at the parade.  Come on out and have fun while we blast patriotic music from the sound system on our float!  We will start lining up at Columbia City High School at 4pm.

God Bless America,

Carrie Beth Youse
Webmistress, WCP


David Ditton
Senior Webmaster, WCP

Southern Poverty Law Center Chronicles ‘Explosive’ Rise in Radical Anti-Government ‘Patriot Movement’

From The Blaze:

The number of radical anti-government “Patriot” and militia groups in the U.S. soared to an all-time high last year, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The “Patriot movement,” according to the organization, “believes that the federal government is conspiring to take Americans’ guns and destroy their liberties as it paves the way for a global ‘one-world government.’”

The Southern Poverty Law Center — a left-leaning nonprofit that monitors groups it deems hateful and extremist, including the Ku Klux Klan, New Black Panther Party and Aryan Nation — tracked 1,360 such groups in 2012, up from 1,274 in 2011 and a meteoric surge from 149 in 2008.

That rise, according to the center, is due to the election of Barack Obama as the nation’s first black president and anger over the economic downturn, and is likely to continue with the White House-led push for more gun control.

“We are seeing a real and rising threat of domestic terrorism as the number of far-right anti-government groups continues to grow at an astounding pace,” Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the center and the author of the report, said in a statement. “It is critically important that the country take this threat seriously. The potential for deadly violence is real, and clearly rising.”


In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano sent Tuesday, the center asked for a government task force to assess the situation, likening it to the period before the 1995 Oklahoma City domestic terror bombing.

“As in the period before the Oklahoma City bombing, we now also are seeing ominous threats from those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns,” the letter stated. “Because of the looming dangers, we urge you to establish an interagency task force to assess the adequacy of resources devoted to responding to the growing threat of non-Islamic domestic terrorism.”

Read the rest at The Blaze.

We the People

From Moonbattery:

A note to Barack Hussein from We the People, regarding his “fundamental transformation” of our country:

Dick Lugar: From top target to tea party pal? WCP:HELL NO!

Folks, we need to STOP Politico from letting this headline stick.This crap is contagious.

Please go to the article on Politico and let ’em have it in the comments.  We must make sure that this load of bovine excrement doesn’t spread.

From Politico:

Last year, Sen. Dick Lugar was the tea party’s top target — a 35-year veteran who lives in Washington, strays from conservative orthodoxy and even criticized the right-wing movement in the wake of the 2010 elections.

But last week, Lugar was the tea party’s dining companion.

For more than two hours at a restaurant in Carmel, Ind., Lugar sat face to face with the head of one of Indiana’s largest tea party chapters, speaking at length about campaign politics, the senator’s voting record and some of his comments that have irked the movement. Lugar listened patiently and said he’d do more outreach, as he ate his eggs Benedict and peppermint ice cream.

“I was surprised,” said 62-year-old Chuck Ford, president of the Tea Party of Hamilton County. “I don’t usually dine with senators and congressmen.”

Read the rest at Politico.

The Tea Party Is Not Dead

From Big Government:

Contrary to what some may believe, the Tea Party, aka main-stream America, did not evaporate after their big victory in the 2010 mid-term elections. This year, members of Tea Party groups across the nation are focusing on other activities that are necessary to grass roots organizations: training future activists, working to support the election of more conservatives to Congress and state legislatures, and assisting in teaching young Americans about their Constitution and why they need to defend it.

In addition, Tea Party Patriots has its own response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:


Members of the Tea Party know that true change is not just about political rhetoric and big rallies. Unlike President Obama, and the liberal elites in Washington, who apparently believe that governance by fiat and authoritarian control of the electorate assure them of prolonged periods of power, the Tea Party knows that true power comes from within the hearts and minds of Americans. Like a stealth fighter, the Tea Party is doing the essential work, even if not the center of attention.

Tea Party Still Furious, Waiting Politely

From Ricochet:

Forgive me for being blunt.  Those of us who feel particularly betrayed (not surprised, just betrayed) by the House’s series of unforced errors and undignified retreats in 2011, by the sneering disdain of the Republican establishment and our masters and betters in the consulting/analysis/campaign/media business are still Mad As Hell.  We are not in a mood to go along to get along, and are not about to accept continued spiralling levels of spending and the attendant hand-wringing about difficult changes and so forth.

We are not dead, not sleeping, and not distracted.  We have exhausted friendly non-violent means of opposing the worst excesses of our government, and have been shown that with rare exception, we have no friends in Washington whom we did not place there.  Fine.  Unfriendly non-violent means it is then, such as primary opposition to big-spending Republicans like sixteen-term Representative Hal “Prince of Pork” Rogers (current head of House Appropriations) and leadership challenges to the feckless and IMHO dishonest “negotiate with progressives to hold off conservatives” leaders like John Boehner.

We recall the flowery speeches made by McConnell and Boehner in late 2010, which show by contrast just how poorly served we have been by our own side.

We don’t smash windows and we don’t infest public spaces.  We are conservatives, not anarchists.  We know that part of supporting small government is supporting government itself.  By resisting efforts to sharply curb spending in Washington, the gravy-train GOP is hazarding government as well as the citizenry.

The Tea Party and Washington: Year One

From Big Government:

In the year since the Tea Party arrived in Congress, the movement has managed to change the debate on Capitol Hill, but not the way Washington works.

The Tea Party has stopped President Barack Obama and the Democrats from bailing out profligate state governments, from passing new so-called “stimulus” spending, and from raising tax rates. It has even begun to win bipartisan support for major entitlement reform.

However, the Tea Party has failed thus far to stop the overall growth in the size and cost of government. It passed over a dozen bills that would accelerate economic growth and create new jobs, only to see those bills languish in Harry Reid’s Senate.

In both the debt ceiling and the payroll tax debates, the Tea Party saw its sensible bills rejected in favor of absurd compromises–then found itself being blamed for congressional gridlock.

The key to the Tea Party’s fortunes has been its relationship with the very establishment it dislikes. Where it has found common ground–for example, with House budget chair Paul Ryan–it has been able to promote its agenda of limited government. But when the Tea Party has clashed with Republican leaders–starting with key Senate races in 2010–Democrats have won by dividing conservatives from moderates, House from Senate.

The Obama camp is exultant about its political victory in the payroll tax debate. They do not care about the substance of the issue; if they did, they would worry that lower payroll taxes are gutting the Social Security system. They simply want to win–on any issue, at almost any cost.

As Democrat strategist (and convicted felon) Robert Creamer wrote today: “People follow–and vote–for winners….Human beings like to travel in packs.”

That remark, equating voters with animals, betrays the contempt Democrat leaders have for the American people–a contempt packaged more subtly in the misleading, divisive term “middle class.”

The United States is not a class-based society. Democrats adopted “middle class” to disguise redistributive tax-and-spend policies from the voters who had rejected them, in much the way that “progressive” came to replace the tainted “liberal.”

President Obama’s re-election campaign is largely based on contrived class warfare. His message has been amplified by a media that eagerly repeated the false “1%” meme of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Tea Party, reading Madison instead of Marx, has lacked the language to respond. And the likely Republican presidential nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, has simply capitulated to the Democrats’ “middle class” conceit.

American voters want an alternative, which is why Rep. Ron Paul’s rhetoric about liberty is winning support in Iowa, despite his controversial social views and his reprehensible foreign policy. Other candidates, who might have bridged the Tea Party-establishment divide, have abdicated not only the race, but the debate. Without clear leadership and strategy, the Tea Party may fail–and the country may pass the fiscal point of no return.

The Tea Party still needs leaders outside Washington, like Sarah Palin, to help carry its message. It should fight Obama’s class war, but on conservative terms, focusing on the “crony socialism” through which Obama enriches his friends at the expense of broader economic growth. That strategy will appeal to voters–and will encourage new leaders with the right political priorities to emerge from the establishment’s shadow.

Occupy Wall Street Is No Tea Party

From The Heritage Foundation:

The past few years have witnessed the rise and fall of several left-leaning political fads, each touted as a response to the rise of the Tea Party Movement: the Coffee Party, One Nation, and Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’ s Rally to Restore Sanity. A month after the Wall Street occupation began, the protesters say they are just getting started. But a month is more than enough time to see that Occupy Wall Street is no Tea Party.

For one thing, Wall Street occupiers call themselves the 99 percent. They are united against the 1 percent, defined as the top income earners who don’t pay enough taxes but still get government bailouts for their corporations and banks. As a corrective, the occupiers demand that the 1 percent pay more taxes and the 99 percent receive more benefits in the form of student loan forgiveness, free health care, and jobs through New Deal–esque programs.

Beyond their general demands for redistributive policies, Wall Street occupiers have radically different plans for America’s governmental structure than the Tea Party movement. “Since we can no longer trust our elected representatives to represent us rather than their large donors,” the Zuccotti Park occupiers explain, “we are creating a microcosm of what democracy really looks like.” Zuccotti Park is meant to be a model of the governmental structure that should replace America’s constitutional system. On July 4, 2012, some Wall Street occupiers plan to hold a new Philadelphia convention to recreate American democracy. Their birthday gift to America will be eliminating the constitutional system.

But what about the Tea Party movement?

It, too, was outraged by the bailouts—but not for lack of access to the government’s coffers. The Tea Party argued that government did not have constitutional authority to bail out anyone on Wall Street or Main Street. Far from the 99 percent waging class warfare against the 1 percent, the Tea Party wanted the same rules for 100 percent of Americans.

As William Voegeli notes, the Tea Party concluded that “the general government has, over the last several decades, stepped further and further outside of the bounds of the Constitution.” Therefore, reviving limited, constitutional government became the Tea Party’s mission.

Unlike those early patriots who “had to establish their independence and to start anew,” as Matthew Spalding explains in “Reclaiming America: Why We Honor the Tea Party Movement,” the 21st-century Tea Party’s task is “not to overthrow; it is not revolution; it is renewal and restoration of those self-evident truths of constitutional government at the heart of America.” The Tea Party embraces the system of government outlined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and they demand that their elected representatives do the same.

Though both sets of protesters are frustrated with America’s direction, Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party have very different goals. Occupy Wall Street seeks to loosen American democracy from its constitutional roots. The Tea Party recognizes that it does not need to throw away America’s system of government, and—unlike the Wall Street occupiers—it’s not trying to do so.

Tea Party Activists: 21st Century Civil Rights Leaders

From Big Government:

On August 21, 2011, Rep. Maxine Waters, a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, at what was supposed to be a “jobs fair”, in Inglewood, California, made the following statement: “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the tea party can go straight to hell and I intend to help them get there!”

At a town hall meeting in Miami, Florida, on August 22, 2011 Rep. Andre Carson, also a Congressional Black Caucus member, charged that there are members of congress, who are Tea Party members, that have nefarious intentions towards Americans of African descent. Among his accusations:

•The Tea Party is stopping change in Congress
•“This is the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow”
•“Some of these folks would love to see us as second class citizens”
•“Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree”

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), another member of the Congressional Black Caucus, at the same “jobs fair” in Miami, Florida, stated: “Let us all remember who the real enemy is,” she said. “The real enemy is the Tea Party. The Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president.”

The hate rhetoric of the Congressional Black Caucus members, who took an oath in Congress to represent all Americans, without prejudice or preference, is a clear indictment of their own lack of discretion and integrity. It is irresponsible. Most of all, it is simply not true.

Read the rest at Big Government.

Barack Obama, The Tea Party And The Train-Wreck Of Modern Leftism

From RedState:

In the meantime, can anybody answer this question: where is the Tea Party of Progressives? Why are the Nascar morons and Jesus jokers the only people in this country who can mount an aggressive political movement? Will somebody please step up and take the baton?

(CLusterBeep Nation)

There is no Progressive Tea Party, because the Democrats are doing what Democrats want and it leads to untenable failure. When Barack Obama sat down to put together an economic bailout package for his election campaign, it could only have gone in one direction. He had to hand out lots of candy to his supporters and he had to take it from people who traditionally oppose partisan Democrats. Thus the American Jobs Act is a continuation of his “Stimulus” with splashy, mostly-symbolic penalties leveled at high-income earners.

This had to be The Tao of Obama because his electoral coalition that could still vouchsafe his reelection is a movable feast on the productive, proactive and the imaginative. The modern Democratic Party is a Visigoth Holiday at the expense of civil tradition and moral sentience. They want, what they want, when they want it. Hilaire Belloc described well what the contemporary Democrat loyalist has devolved into.

 The Barbarian hopes — and that is the mark of him, that he can have his cake and eat it too. He will consume what civilization has slowly produced after generations of selection and effort, but he will not be at pains to replace such goods, nor indeed has he a comprehension of the virtue that has brought them into being. Discipline seems to him irrational, on which account he is ever marvelling that civilization, should have offended him with priests and soldiers….


So what happens when there is nothing left for the followers of Barack Obama to flense? What happens when the victims of this “Progressivism” rise up and tell these people to grow their own produce and stop stealing from others? In Europe, we see this coming to pass. Greece is about to go Full-Metal Demetrious Poliorcetes and The IMF has no answers except to beg. As they’ve explained to Sec Treas. Geithner, they’ve got $400Billion, they need $4 Trillion. What’s one, measly Order of Magnitude amongst chums?

Europe has James Howard Kuntsler of ClusterBeep in a pother, because on his good days, he’s one of the last Leftist Thinkers who can still actually think. Just as Europe’s environmental problems with acid rain were a precursor to difficulties the US would face, the death of Eurosocialism should sound like the bell tolling for Obamanomics. This failure, particularly for The Left, will be the day upon which much fit collides with the shan.

Read the rest at RedState.

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