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Public shares ideas for Whitley County’s landscape of the future

From Talk of The Town Whitley County:

By Jennifer Zartman Romano

How will the landscape of Whitley County look  10, 20 or 50 years from now?  Utilizing the ideas and perspectives of residents and business owners, Whitley County is in the process of creating a comprehensive land use plan to answer precisely that question.

According to Gene Heckman, who participated in Wednesday’s public planning workshop, the first  land use plan was created in the 1960s and can explain much of the land development we see around us today. David Sewell, executive director of the Whitley County Planning and Building office, said that plan was last updated in 1993 and needs revamped for the future.

About a half dozen residents were present for the afternoon session Wednesday, sharing their thoughts and concerns about a variety of issues in Whitley County.

Read the rest at  Talk of The Town Whitley County.

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