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Flat Tax or National Sales Tax?

From Big Government:

My post last week about the flat tax generated a lot of friendly comment and email, but also some pointed questions about whether a national sales tax such as the Fair Tax would be a better approach. Since I’ve written favorably about a national sales tax, debated in favor of a national sales tax, and even testified to the Ways & Means Committee about the positive attributes of a national sales tax, I certainly have no objection to that reform. Any single-rate, consumption-base tax would be a vast improvement over our corrupt and punitive internal revenue code.

So why, then, do I spend most of my time on the flat tax? The simple answer is that I don’t trust Washington. We know the politicians are salivating at the prospect of imposing a broad-based consumption levy such as the value-added tax. And we know they want the VAT in addition to the income tax. What’s to stop them from saying they’ll impose a national sales tax, promising to repeal other taxes, but then pulling a bait and switch and giving us both? As I explain in this video, the national sales tax should only happen after supporters amend the Constitution to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with an ironclad ban on income taxation to protect against political duplicity.

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