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DeMint Endorsing Stutzman

From Fort Wayne Observed:

FoxNews is reporting that US Senator Jim DeMint is endorsing State Senator Marlin Stutzman in the race for the Republican nomination for US Senate. Senator Stutzman will get a needed boost from Mr. DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.

Fox’ Chicago Reporter Steve Brown reports:

Just in the nick of time?

With the Republican primary in Indiana’s US Senate race just two weeks out, candidate Marlin Stutzman picked-up an endorsement from a potential future colleague. Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina told Fox News exclueively that Stutzman was his choice in the Hoosier State’s five-candidate GOP primary.

DeMint disclosed to Fox News senior producer Trish Turner late Monday about his decision to back Stutzman.

I like Dan (Coats). I like John (Hostettler), but we need new faces here,” said DeMint.

The Palmetto State Senator continued, “(Stutzman’s) not as well known as the other two, but what we’ve seen …(Stutzman’s) won just about all the straw polls. The activists are beginning to know who he is, and that’s the reason I decided to get in. I’m trying to give some spotlight to the underdogs.”

Senator DeMint plans to put some money toward the Stutzman campaign so that it can be more competitive with electronic advertising. The Senator said that he is planning a “money-bomb” over the next week that would benefit Stutzman. A “money-bomb” is a call to supporters across the internet to hit a specific money goal within a short time frame. US Senator Scott Brown gained huge traction when a “money-bomb” during his campaign far exceeded goals.

Read the rest at Fort Wayne Observed.

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