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March 1, 2011 Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the March 1, 2011 meeting is as follows: 
1.     Indiana State Senator Mike Delph, Senate district 29.
2.     Dave Ditton
3.     Elizabeth Griffin

State Senator Mike Delph is a 7th generation Hoosier with his family coming from Kentland, Frankfort, and Wilkinson Indiana. Mike is a lifelong resident of Carmel and is the first member of his family to graduate college. Mike has been a leader in the Senate to eliminate lifetime healthcare benefits for legislators. He also is in favor of ethics, and re-districing reform. In 2006 Mike was named legislator of the year by the Disabled American Veterans and the Distinguished Public Service Award by the American Legion. Mike has also championed legislation cracking down on businesses who knowingly and willingly hire illegal immigrants.  Mike has served nine years in the United States Army Reserve. Professionally, Mike is President and Founder of MA Advisory Group, Inc., a strategic planning organization.

Dave Ditton is a Senior Project Engineer for General Motors, and the webmaster for the Whitley County Patriots website.  He will explain the concept of net neutrality, and why we should be concerned about it.

Elizabeth Griffin has been politically active for 5 years. Her journey of activism began when her mother gave her the book by Brigitte Gabriel, “Because They Hate.” Ms. Gabriel’s story of her escape from radical Islam as it took over Lebanon in the 1970’s left her shocked, and opened her eyes to history in a way that had never been covered in her educational studies.  Elizabeth started an ACT ( American Congress for Truth ) chapter in Fort Wayne, Indiana with 3 people. During her time in Fort Wayne, Elizabeth organized and facilitated a regional activist training seminar for area volunteers.  Also, she held monthly meetings educating volunteers on the basics of sharia law, radical Islam, and how to defend our precious country against such threats.

Elizabeth now lives in Kalamzoo, Michigan. She is active with the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Mattawan Area Food Pantry. She speaks to various large groups about radical Islam, and mentors other ACT for America chapter leaders around the country as they begin their own chapters. Beth is of the opinion that only through education can America successfully defend herself against political Islam. Beth also believes it is biblically acceptable to stand up for truth, to shine a light on the evil in our midst.
PATRIOTS: We are truly blessed to have a slate of very important people addressing us on subjects of the utmost importance. PLEASE as you go about your daily activities share this agenda with your friends and neighbors. If you are a member of a church please consider having this agenda put in your Church’s bulletin. If you have a sharing time please stand up and make an invitation to your assembled congregation. If you are a member of a Service Organization, please invite the Veterans. Thank you, Whitley County Patriots. See you March 1st, Church of The Nazarene, 506 North Main Street, Columbia City.
God Bless America,
Dave Cooper
Whitley County Patriots

God Bless America

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