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Report from the Redistricing Meetings

Dear Patriots,

Last week two very important meeting took place in Fort Wayne. Both concerned Redistricting. One was held at IPFW Thursday evening, and the other one was held at The Allen County Public Library. Both were sponsored by different groups.

The IPFW meeting was conducted by The League of Women Voters, AARP of Indiana, and Common Cause/Indiana. The material they handed out from the Brennen Center was informative. However, some of the supporters of The Brennen Center are: the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Democracy Alliance Partners, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Institute, and the Wallace Global Fund. Attendance at this meeting was 36.

The Allen County Public Library meeting was conducted by various Indiana State Senators, and Representatives. Their sole purpose was to listen to, and collect information submitted by the public. There were many interesting comments by a variety of society. ( you would have had to be there to understand it ) Maps of the various districts were on display. One lady casually instructed the gathered legislators “to do away with those crazy ass lines.” The secretary wanted to know if crazy ass should be hyphenated. It broke up the bored tone.

A very interesting presentation was made by a college student. She had conducted a study of the census and discovered that all inmates are counted as residents. This is something I did not know. It is disturbing for the following reasons. Felons cannot vote. And prisoners are shifted around to various facilities many times during their incarceration thus placing them in different legislative districts.

Redistricting is a very, very important issue. It only happens every ten years. The lines, by law, have to be drawn by April 29th of this year. This creates a bit of a problem because of the traitors that are not here. As it is, Republicans hold the cards, and it will get done. But regardless, it must be done with some common sense. Please visit to look at the maps. Also, please email Senator Jim Banks with your input, and comments. We only have this chance once a decade! You can email Senator Banks at : His Senate phone number is 1-800-382-9467.

God Bless America,
Dave Cooper

God Bless America

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