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Tax $$$ For Student Learning or Admin Salaries?

Dear Patriots,
Here is the official press release from our Senator Jim Banks concerning state superintendents’ salaries. Please take the time to read through it and let Jim know we appreciate his efforts. It is, afterall, our money. Senator Banks has struck a nerve, and those opposing his endeavor know he is on the path to truth. Again, please let him know of your support, and that of the Whitley County Patriots.
God Bless America,

Dave Cooper


Banks: Senate supports amendment requiring
state review of school superintendent salaries
Columbia City lawmaker says Hoosier tax dollars should
follow students, not pay for
bloated administrative costs

Senate lawmakers Tuesday supported an amendment offered by State Sen. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City) calling for an official review of school superintendent salaries.

“As public servants, one of our most important duties is to be good stewards of the public’s money,” Banks said. “I believe it is important for lawmakers to thoroughly review superintendent salaries to help ensure our state’s education dollars are follow money_coins1ing students into the classroom and not paying for bloated school administrative costs elsewhere.”

Banks offered the proposal as an amendment to House Bill 1369 – legislation that would require a portion of a school superintendent’s pay, as well as that of other corporation administrators, to be based on performance.

According to the Indiana Department of Education, there are 291 superintendents whose salaries total nearly $33 million. Banks said salaries range from $29,400 to $262,800 with the average $113,162.

Banks said an interim study committee would review whether superintendent salary caps should be imposed. He added that salary amounts could be figured upon a percentage of the current governor’s salary of $95,000 – the highest ranking CEO in state government.

During Gov. Mitch Daniels’ state of the state address, he said forty-two cents of the education dollar are spent outside the classroom.

“This could be a small step toward reining in K-12 administrative costs,” Banks said. “At a time when every education dollar counts, it’s important we recognize there is a disparity between what is spent on educating students in the classroom and what is spent on administrators and non-teaching staff in offices.”

Banks said he hopes to explore other options for lowering administrative costs in order to reach a goal of 65 percent of education dollars being spent in the classroom.

God Bless America

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