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4th Amendment Rally — May 25

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011, there will be a rally at the Indiana Statehouse in support of Hoosiers’ 4th Amendment rights.

Last week, Indiana’s Supreme Court ruled 3-2 that citizens DO NOT have the right to resist illegal entry into their homes by officers of the law. The consequence of this ruling is that if a policeman enters your home without consent and for any reason or no reason and you try to physically impede him, he may arrest you and that arrest IS valid and you may be punished by law, regardless of whether or not the officer is found to be out of line after the fact. This blatant violation of our basic and constitutional civil rights should NOT be tolerated, and we are protesting to let them know that we will not stand for the invasion of privacy under the guise of public protection.

We must make our voices heard and tell our leaders that this is unacceptable; if your civil rights are of interest to you, click “attending” and invite your friends.

There is a Facebook page with the details.  STAND UP For Your Fourth Amendment Rights

God Bless America

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