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Downtown business owner receives angry letters after welcoming senator to his restaurant

From Talk of the Town:

By Jennifer Zartman Romano

On Tuesday, Columbia City welcomed US Senator Dan Coats for a town hall meeting in downtown Columbia City.
However, what should have been a positive experience for a local business owner — has taken a sour note.
Steve Hostetler, owner of the CC Deli, where the town hall meeting was booked, has begun receiving messages signed “Occupy Wall Street” stating that his willness to welcome Coats to his business means they will not support his business.
“I’ve gotten two notes so far voicing their disappointment with Coats,” Hostetler said. The handwritten notes, signed “Occupy Wall Street” were mailed from Fort Wayne. He’s also received some comments from individuals in person as well.
A portion of one of the notes read, “Sorry to see you hosted Coats at your place. He’s part of the 1%. I will no longer give you my business.” Another read “You’re on our list for hosting Coats.”

Read the rest at Talk of the Town.

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