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1603 Wind Subsidies are DEAD! (for now…)

This letter comes to us from Lisa Linowes, Executive Director and spokesperson for the Industrial Wind Action (IWA) Group:

Hi Everyone —

Special thanks to all of you for the fantastic response received on the letter sent to Congress. Over 1600 names were collected from 25 different states. The list of participating states is below. My contact on Capitol Hill has informed me that the letters were impacting arriving at the right time. The message was clear that regular people were watching the House and that a price would be paid if they supported any extension to the Section 1603 cash grant program.

Participating States: Arizona California Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

And for the very good news … The Senate was UNABLE to attach an extension of Section 1603 or the production tax credit to the version of the payroll tax bill voted on today. The bill goes back to the House on Monday where it will almost certainly pass.  We know the House and Senate will be back at this after the new year. So we must remain vigilant.

But for now, AWEA gets a lump of coal from the American Taxpayers.

I will be back in touch in the coming weeks with information on how to approach the next round.

Thank you everyone! Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Please email if you have questions or wish to have a copy of the letter sent from your state or any of the others.

Kind regards,

(PS: Please share this letter with others. Thanks!)

God Bless America

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