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Plan Commission discussing wind energy at the December meeting!

Whitley County Concerned Citizens has asked for our help to show our Plan Commission that WE ARE WATCHING…

All –

We have just recently learned that wind energy will be discussed at the December Plan Commission meeting.   It was our understanding from the November meeting that the topic of wind would not be discussed again until January.  Apparently, that has changed!

The meeting will be held Wednesday, December 21st @ 7pm.    The agenda lists the location as the Whitley County Government Center, Lower Level meeting room,   220 West Van Buren St., Columbia City.

Let’s pack that room with a sea of Whitley County Concerned Citizens, wearing BLUE (and your anti-wind buttons if you have one).

While we are frustrated that they have not followed their own decision,  we are extremely thankful to have caught this information in time to gather a crowd.    Gather your friends, neighbors and family members – let’s shoot for 100 people.    Let’s let our government officials know that we are holding them accountable –  after all,  they work for us.

Come and help keep our rural countryside free of turbines –  there is strength in numbers.

Please keep in mind that Whitley County Patriots also opposes the development of industrial wind turbine installations due to the stimulus money that keeps the wind industry alive.  We must stop pouring our tax money down the ‘green energy’ hole.  Let these ‘green’ technologies stand on their own in the free market.

Please show your opposition to industrial wind turbine installations by coming to the Plan Commission meeting discussed above.

God Bless America

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