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Astroturf Arrives! “Citizens for a Progressive Whitley County” Buys Newspaper Ad

A group calling themselves “Citizens for a Progressive Whitley County” have purchased an ad promoting all of the benefits of the proposed industrial wind turbine facility.

We suspect that this ad wasn’t “paid for by hundreds of concerned citizens” as it claims…anybody smell astroturf?

And, while we’re on the subject…the numbers quoted in the ad don’t add up.

  • When the effect of many people leaving an undesirable place to live, and no one moving into an industrial wind turbine facility…the schools could end up losing Federal funding which is based on student population.
  • All of the estimates of income are most likely based on the turbines operating at full capacity, and that Whitley County doesn’t have enough wind to drive these turbines at full capacity.
  • Even if Whitley County had a constant 30 mph wind speed, the energy produced isn’t always needed on the grid…remember that there can be no storage of this electricity.  It must be consumed at the time of generation.  That means that if the grid doesn’t need the power, the turbines will be OFF, generating $0.00 in revenue.
  • All of those numbers also assume that Wind Capital Group will actually PAY the property taxes instead of trying to get them cut in half.

I guess ‘progressive’ would be a good word for this “group”…Our current ‘progressive’ Administration constantly uses fuzzy math to come up with numbers that just don’t add up.  And the best they can come up with when is didn’t work is “it would have been worse”.

The US Government has blown TRILLIONS of dollars out of our economy with their fuzzy math…do we really need more fuzzy math right here in Whitley County?

I say NO.  Stop spending money on the most expensive form of energy available.


God Bless America

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