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Whitley County Patriots to Protest Justice Steven David in Columbia City — UPDATE

UPDATE — Parkview Health has forced the Columbia City Rotary to relocate this meeting!  More updates to follow as information becomes available.

Justice Steven David of the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in the case Barnes v. State of Indiana that a homeowner does NOT have the right to resist UNLAWFUL police entry.  Please see the following information on our website:

He also ruled on a case in Ogden Dunes that a homeowner does not have a right to RENT his/her property if it’s in a single-family residence zoning area.

We do not appreciate Justice David’s opinions on 4th Amendment issues and private property rights.  We intend to let him (and the rest of the Rotary attendees) know our opinion.  We will also be inviting the media.

We have learned that Justice David may be considered for Chief Justice once Randall Shepard retires. We believe this would further restrict the freedoms enjoyed by Indiana’s citizens.  We will be campaigning for the NON-retention of Justice David in the upcoming November election.

Protest Details:

We will be assembling at the Peabody Public Library on SR205 south of US30 at 11:30AM, and marching down to the entrance of the Parkview Whitley Hospital.

I would like to invite all area TEA Party/9-12 groups to come march with us.


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