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Senator Lugar Votes to Protect Earmarks

From Wrap Your Head Around:

Yesterday, the Senate voted on an amendment to the S. 2038 (STOCK Act—Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act).

The amendment, introduced by Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) and cosponsored by others such as Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio, was voted down. The amendment’s stated purpose was to prohibit earmarks.

So the big question: how did Indiana’s senators vote? Dan Coats voted in favor of the amendment. Dick Lugar voted against it, thus proving that he isn’t really serious about cutting spending—and his opponent in this year’s senate race, Richard Mourdock, was quick to let the people of Indiana know the corruption of which Lugar is protecting in an email titled Would you like some pork with your debt? In the email, Mourdock also provided a link to his latest video: “Dick Lugar’s Record on Earmarks.”

It’s time to retire Senator Lugar, folks. See Mourdock’s video below:

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