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T. Boone Pickens Admits Windmills Are a Waste of Money

From Moonbattery:

Even in a time when people can be arrested just to placate Al Sharpton and his mob, sometimes there is justice. T. Boone Pickens, who hoped to exploit green hysteria to make a crony capitalist fortune through inefficient but politically correct windmills, has lost his shirt — or as he puts it, his a**:

Oilman T. Boone Pickens made a statement on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday that should make every green jobs advocate including Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Van Jones sit up and take notice.

“I’ve lost my a–” in wind power.

But what about the mythical “green jobs” Obama gave Van Jones $60 billion of our money to create?

“The jobs are in the oil and gas industry in the United States. I mean, that’s where it is. You have an industry that is superb in comparison of oil companies around the world. They are the best.”

Pickens continued, “They found the oil the cheapest, they found the gas the cheapest for you and all, and you have somebody saying, ‘Hey, they’re not paying their fair share, and they make too much money, they need to be taxed more.’ Hey, they’ve gone out and done exactly what you wanted. They got jobs for you, they got the oil and gas cheaper for you.”

Their thanks: to be denounced by demagogues, looted by thieves, and driven out of business by lunatic ideologues.

The objective, as revealed by prominent Democrat Maxine Waters, is to nationalize the energy sector. After that happens, we will have plenty of windmills, but when we flip the switch, the lights won’t come on.

Windmill Fail

Money up in smoke.

God Bless America

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