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Lugar Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Lugar Files for Indiana Senate Seat In Washington, DC

From Welcome To My Tea Party:

Senator Richard Lugar officially filed his candidacy for Indiana’s Senate seat yesterday.  One would think with all the criticism leveled at him for being out-of-touch with real Hoosiers since he bolted the state 30 plus years ago, he’d at least make it look like he was associated with our state.

Check out the notary public signature on Lugar’s paperwork.  Click here to visit the article.  Lugar signed his official candidacy in Washington, DC, where his loyalties lie and he is still using a phony address.  Lugar and his wife sold the house they swore under oath they resided at over 30 years ago!

Read the rest at Welcome To My Tea Party.

CNN Covers Lugar’s Lack of Indiana Residency While Local Media Blackout Continues

From Ogden on Politics:
Although the local media continues with the media blackout on the Lugar (lack of Indiana) residency story, it is started to be picked up by national news outlets.

As reported by CNN:

Republican Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana responded Friday to recent reports that show he doesn’t live in the state he’s been representing for more than 35 years.

The longtime senator told CNN he maintains a residence for “political purposes” in Indianapolis but doesn’t live at the physical address-staying in hotels around the state, instead.

Lugar pointed to a loophole in Indiana law that protects his residency status while he lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area.

Read the rest at Ogden on Politics.

Is Senator Lugar Using Phony Address for More than Voting?

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

Acting as a private citizen, Certified Fraud Examiner Greg Wright has collected additional documentation that will be provided to the Indiana Election Commission in follow-up to his earlier complaint that Senator Richard Lugar allegedly committed multiple acts of felony voter fraud.

To date, the Commission has not contacted Wright, nor have its members acted upon the complaint; however, Wright says he intends to Use Indiana code 3-6-4.1 to force the hands of its members.  Indiana Law allows for private citizens to petition the Commission into action.

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

Senator Lugar Falsified Residence in Presidential Candidacy Declaration

From Ogden On Politics:

When Sen. Richard Lugar goes to vote, he signs documents under oath that he lives at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis.  As I noted last year, the Marion County Recorder’s office shows the house at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis was deeded from a family named Gootee to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989.  Lugars’ deeding of the property had to have taken place before the 1989 Gootee deed, most likely well before that.  I would have gotten those records when I researched the issue, but the Lugar transaction were paper only and preceded the computerized records in the office.  Nonetheless, Lugar admits he hasn’t lived at the 3200 Highwoods Courts’ house in decades.

Read the rest at Ogden On Politics.

Election Fraud Complaint Filed Against Senator Richard Lugar

From Welcome to My Tea Party:

Greg Wright, an Indianapolis resident and Certified Fraud Examiner, filed a formal election fraud complaint with the Indiana Secretary of State on Wednesday against Senator Richard Lugar and his wife, Charlene Lugar.

Wright alleges that the senator and his wife may have committed multiple felonies for voting in a Marion county precinct, using an address for a home  they reportedly do not own.

“It is my understanding that Senator Richard D. Lugar has voted using an ‘absentee’ ballot that used as his residence a home located at 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222,” noted Wright.

Wright contends the property “appears to be owned by Elizabeth Hughes” and deeded to David and Elizabeth Hughes in 1989 and quitclaimed from David Hughes to Elizabeth Hughes in 2003.

Wright claims he spoke with Elizabeth Hughes recently who reportedly told him that Senator Lugar “had not lived in the house for 33 years and had no ownership interest in the property.”

Read the rest at Welcome to My Tea Party.

Did Senator Richard Lugar Commit Voter Fraud?

From Ogden on Politics:

As those who have been following the Charlie White matter know, voting someplace you don’t live is voter fraud, a felony.  When I read the story where Lugar aide Mark Helmke said that Lugar lived in hotels when he returned to Indianapolis, my ears perked up.

“Residence” is where one lives.  While living in a hotel is perfectly fine for having a residence in Indana to qualify to serve as U.S. Senator, the problem is the voting.  You still can’t vote from someplace you don’t reside.  If you’re residing in a hotel, that hotel’s precinct is where you have to vote.

I decided to look into Lugar’s residency claim for voting purposes and this is what I found out from his voter registration record.  In 1953, Lugar registered as a 21 year old using the address 3520 Washington Blvd.  In 1960, he changed his residence to 3333 Highwoods Drive.  Then in 1969, he changed his registration to 3200 Highwoods Court.

That’s been listed as his residence ever since and is still currently listed as his residence on voter registration records.  That’s not a mistake. If you google that address you will find that Lugar often lists that it as his residence in Indianapolis.

But does he own the house on Highwoods Court?  Does he actually reside there to qualify to vote in that precinct as he’s been doing for apparently the last 41 years?  I went to the County Assessor’s Office.  That house at 3200 Highwoods Court is shown as being built in 1969 and is listed as being owned by Elizabeth Hughes.  The county recorder’s office shows it quitclaimed from David Hughes to Elizabeth in 2003.  The County Recorder’s Office shows the property as being deeded from a family named Gootee to the Hughes couple in 1989.  It wasn’t clear who deeded the property to the Gootees as those are paper records buried in the Recorder’s Office that would take hours to search.  It is safe to speculate the the Lugars did own the property in 1969 and deeded it away to the Gootees or to someone else and the property was eventually deeded to the Gootees.

According to information obtained from a source with access to the Voter Vault, Richard and Char Lugar are registered at 3200 Highwoods, but so too is David Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes and Joseph Hughes.

The house is located just off of Kessler Avenue, just south of 38th Street on the NW side.  I went and looked at it.  The houses in the neighborhood are average ranch style homes, running from $98K to $138K according to valuation sources on the Internet.  In an average middle-class neighborhood, the somewhat isolated two story home is the best in the area with an estimated value of $216,000.   Information on line says it is 4,000 square feet plus, with four bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  While in 1969 the area was undoubtedly very nice, since the crime and decline of nearby areas have undoubtedly dragged down this neighborhood.

While admittedly it is possible that I overlooked something, I could not find any records showing Sen. Richard Lugar owns the home at 3200 Highwoods Court.  Of course, one doesn’t have to own the property…he or she only has to reside at the property listed in the voting registration records in order to vote using that address. Still, after my research, I have substantial doubt that Lugar lives in the 3200 Highwoods home now or has for many, many years.  I’ll leave it up though to the investigative reporters to look further into this matter if they so choose.

UPDATE: Usually Lugar votes absentee.  In the 10 elections that took place between 2006 and 2010, Lugar voted in person only three times, the 2006 General Election (when he was up for re-election) and the 2008 primary and general elections.

NOTE: For those of you asking, Lugar has never listed his Decatur Township farm as his residence.  I have added a link to Lugar’s registration record above.  Also, I origally referred to Lugar’s aide as “Mark Lubbers” when I meant “Mark Helmke.”  That has been corrected.

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