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Whitley County Invites Participation for a New Comprehensive Plan


In January, Whitley County embarked on a process to re-write the County’s Comprehensive Plan.  This process will establish a set of goals and objectives for Whitley County in regard to growth, land use, transportation, development, quality of life, and the environment.
The public is invited to participate in one of two public planning workshops to assist the County’s planning consultant, Ground Rules, Inc., with identifying strengths, weaknesses, and needs relating to Whitley County.  The planning workshops will both be held on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 in Rooms A / B (Lower Level meeting room) of the Whitley County Government Center.  The first workshop will start at 12:00 PM (noon), and a second workshop will be held at 6:30 PM.  The public needs to attend only one of the workshops, as they are identical.
Input from the public, as well as input from local interest groups and community leaders, will form the foundation of the new Comprehensive Plan.  The new plan will look at many aspects of the community, and as a result, a diverse range of topics will be offered for discussion during the planning workshops including transportation and circulation, managing community growth, land use, economic development, the environment, relationships between agencies, the status of community facilities and infrastructure, etc.
For those that would like to be involved, but are unable to attend a planning workshop, a “Community Values” survey is available for residents to offer their opinions on issues ranging from protection of farmland to the condition of county roads.  The survey can be picked up and returned to the Whitley County Joint Planning and Building Department at 220 West Van Buren Street, Suite 204, Columbia City.  The survey can also be received by sending an e-mail request to Amy Schweitzer at  All surveys should be returned by May 1, 2010.  Comments about existing issues in Whitley County or future goals can also be e-mailed to Ms. Schweitzer.
The new Comprehensive Plan will be a written and adopted guide for community leaders, businesses, and citizens to use as they make important decisions.  The updated Comprehensive Plan will illustrate Whitley County’s commitment to planning its future and will give the public and potential investors a glimpse of how Whitley County will welcome quality growth and encourage progress while protecting and improving quality of life. 

Whitko School Board to Meet on Budget Cuts

From the Journal-Gazette:

The Whitko Community Schools board has scheduled a special session March 29 to discuss proposed budget cuts.

The announcement issued Monday morning said the meeting will be at 7 p.m. at Whitko Middle School in Larwill.

The board plans time for questions and comments from the public.

For more information, call 574-594-2658 or 260-327-3677.

Whitko Schools to Reduce Budget — Plan A

Whitko School Superintendent Steve Clason has posted Plan A for reducing the budget on his blog, Whitko, What’s Your Take?

‘Plan A’ would include pay-for-play athletics, increased class sizes, and reducing teacher and staff support positions.  Several energy conservation measures are also included.

There will be a public meeting March 29 at 7:00 PM at Whitko Middle School for public comment.  See the map below.

Thanks to  Jennifer Zartman Romano at Talk of the Town – Whitley County for her excellent article on this.

Court Denies Class Action Status to ACLU case against SCGS

From the Indiana Law Blog:

Updating this ILB entry from Oct. 31, 2009, relating to “two girls, both sophomore fall-sport athletes, [who] were suspended from extracurricular activities for the entire school year because of sexually suggestive photographs posted on their pages on MySpace, a social networking site on the Internet.” More from the Oct. 28, 2009 story in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

The lawsuit names the district and Churubusco High School Principal Austin Couch, both individually and in his official capacity, and alleges that Couch and the district violated the girls’ First Amendment rights by how the situation was handled.The ACLU seeks to have the case handled as a class-action on behalf of all students participating in, or who may participate, in extracurricular activities at Smith-Green Community Schools, according to court documents.

Today Judge Philip P. Simon, ND Ind., issued a 10-page order denying class certification. Here are some quotes:

T.V. and M.K. are sophomores at Churubusco High School in Whitley County, Indiana, and Austin Couch is the principal of the school. T.V. and M.K., by their parents as next friends, bring this case pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1983, challenging the constitutionality of a policy of Churubusco High School, administered by Mr. Couch as the principal, which they contend violates their First Amendment rights. In the motion presently before the court, T.V. and M.K. seek the certification of a class composed of students subject to the allegedly unconstitutional policy. But because the typicality and commonality requirements of Rule 23(a) have not been met, the motion for class certification will be denied. * * *Here, for the reasons noted above, I conclude that class certification is not appropriate for failure of the requirements of Rule 23(a). I note, in addition, however, that were the Seventh Circuit to resolve its apparent internal historical difference of opinion on the “need” criterion in favor of what is by now the majority view, that consideration would also weigh against class certification here. A determination in favor of T.V. and M.K., that school authorities could not constitutionally punish out-of-school expressive conduct on grounds of disrepute to the school, would have school-wide impact going forward, without the need for a class-action dimension to this litigation. [emphasis by ILB]

Read this from the source HERE.


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