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Why Moonbats Love Trains

From Moonbattery:

George Will has noticed that liberals love trains so much, they will spend our last penny on them, regardless of whether anyone rides them.

Remarkably widespread derision has greeted the Obama administration’s damn-the-arithmetic-full-speed-ahead proposal to spend $53 billion more (after the $8 billion in stimulus money and $2.4 billion in enticements to 23 states) in the next six years pursuant to the president’s loopy goal of giving “80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail.”

Responsible governors like Rick Scott (R-FL), John Kasich (R-OH), and Scott Walker (R-WI) have turned down massive federal incentives to construct preposterous “high-speed” rail boondoggles. In Governor Moonbeam’s California, however,

Although prostrate from its own profligacy, it will sink tens of billions of its own taxpayers’ money in the 616-mile San Francisco–to–San Diego line. Supposedly 39 million people will eagerly pay much more than an airfare in order to travel slower. Between 2008 and 2009, the projected cost increased from $33 billion to $42.6 billion.

Are moonbats pushing these monstrously wasteful rail projects during a deficit crisis as an act of economic sabotage, in hopes of bringing about a Cloward-Piven collapse all the sooner? At this point it would be naive to doubt it. But why rail in particular?

Because progressivism’s aim is the modification of (other people’s) behavior.

Forever seeking Archimedean levers for prying the world in directions they prefer, progressives say they embrace high-speed rail for many reasons — to improve the climate, increase competitiveness, enhance national security, reduce congestion, and rationalize land use. The length of the list of reasons, and the flimsiness of each, points to this conclusion: the real reason for progressives’ passion for trains is their goal of diminishing Americans’ individualism in order to make them more amenable to collectivism.

To progressives, the best thing about railroads is that people riding them are not in automobiles, which are subversive of the deference on which progressivism depends. Automobiles go hither and yon, wherever and whenever the driver desires, without timetables. Automobiles encourage people to think they — unsupervised, untutored, and unscripted — are masters of their fates. The automobile encourages people in delusions of adequacy, which make them resistant to government by experts who know what choices people should make.

Will has found the key that unlocks the bewildering ideology our liberal rulers have been imposing. Liberalism = statism = the worship of coercion as the ultimate end in itself. Liberals like trains because the tracks force you to go wherever they have decided you will go.

FreedomWorks presents “FreedomConnector”

To all who are interested in Whitley County Patriots and similar grass-roots efforts,  FreedomWorks has created a tool to help us get organized.

Watch the video, and join FreedomConnector.  Then, be sure to join the Whitley County Patriots group.

Redistricting Meeting on Thursday, March 24

A very important meeting will be taking place Thursday, March 24th. A meeting concerning redistricting will be held in Fort Wayne. It is scheduled for 6:30 to 8:30 in the Science Building on the IPFW Campus.

It is being sponsored by Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission, (ICRC.) It is a joint project of AARP Indiana, Common Cause/Indiana, The Downs Center for Indiana Politics and the League of Women Voters of Indiana.  Public input is crucial as the maps for congressional districts will be for a ten year period. This is our chance to have a say in how these maps are drawn.

For more information on the meetings please visit There you will find information on redistricting and a link to a website- that will provide software to try your hand at drawing new district boundaries.

God Bless America,
Dave Cooper

Wind Power Update — Important Meetings

Sent to me by Joan Null, Whitley County Concerned Citizens:

Hello all –

Here’s an update on some important meetings and events coming up, along with an interesting article.

The Plan Commission meeting has been changed to Tuesday, March 15th @ 7 pm. Location will remain the same;  lower level of the Government Building on West Van Buren St.     This will be a public hearing on Draft D of the Comprehensive Plan – the final opportunity for the public to give input.  They will very likely vote on the plan that evening.

Also on the  Agenda is discussion about the formation of a Citizen Committee to study the issues surrounding wind farms, and how they could potentially impact Whitley County for many years to come.

It is very important that we attend this meeting. Attending meeting, writing letters, making phone calls, and visiting with our county officials are the only ways they can know what we do or don’t want to have happen in our county.     This proposed wind farm will affect your children and grandchildren.  The time to weigh in on the subject is now.   Please come to this meeting.

Wind Capital is organizing their leaseholders and encouraging letter writing.   We need to do the same.   Our County Commissioners need to hear from us and know why you are opposed to the wind farm.   We all have different “hot buttons”.   Some of us are concerned about the health issues, some about setbacks, property values, economic feasibility, some about the efficiency rating;   our county officials can’t know our concerns unless we communicate with them.   And they want to hear from many, many people, not just a few.  Here are the addresses for the County Commissioners (they are the ones who will ultimately have to approve any wind ordinance).  Please let them know your concerns – contact them.

Tom Rethlake
7420 N 350 W
Columbia City IN 46725
Direct Phone:260-248-1527
Administrative Assistant Phone:260-799-4778

Don Amber
3977 NW Carlin Court
Churubusco IN 46723
Direct Phone:260-609-2833

George Schrumpf
1780 E Linker Road
Columbia City IN
Direct Phone:260-248-3130
Administrative Assistant Phone:260-248-3134

Also –  there will be a meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd at Indian Springs Middle School.   As we understand it, this will be a pro-wind meeting put on by Alan Tio of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation,  and Purdue University.    We need to have a good turnout for this meeting as well –  we need to hear the arguments that pro-wind is using.

And finally –  here is a link to a good article –  note that it was written by Bob Novak.  Novak heads Purdue University’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.  It will be interesting to see if the Purdue speaker at the pro-wind meeting agrees with Mr. Novak’s article.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in Whitley County.

Whitley County Concerned Citizens

Stutzman Signs On in Defense of Marriage

This is a press release from the office of Marlin Stutzman:

Washington, D.C. –  Congressman Marlin Stutzman (IN-03) has signed on to cosponsor two bills to protect marriage and the traditional role it serves.  H. R. 875, the Marriage Protections Act of 2011, as introduced by Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana, states that courts created by Congress will not have jurisdiction on cases under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  This would leave same-sex marriage to be determined by the states and not the courts.  H. J. Res. 45 as introduced by Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia will propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to define marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is bipartisan legislation passed in 1996 by Congress and signed by President Clinton to set basic guidelines for the interactions of states in dealing with same-sex marriage.  DOMA‘s defense in court is the jurisdiction of the Attorney General of the United States. For the last 15 years Attorneys General from both parties have upheld their duties and represented the Federal Government on DOMA as they have on other issues.  Now, Attorney General Eric Holder is picking and choosing which laws he will represent.

“The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the office of Attorney General for the purpose of prosecuting and defending federal laws in court.” Stutzman stated “Attorney General Eric Holder has not met this fundamental obligation. He has let the American people down by refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, contrary to his own job description.  The Justice Department is wrongly exercising its prosecutorial discretion. In effect, it is circumventing the process. Those who want to redefine marriage are free to introduce that legislation. Instead of working in the system, Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department are taking the coward’s way out.”
Congressman Stutzman represents the 3rd Congressional District of Indiana and serves on the House Committee on Agriculture, the House Committee on the Budget and the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity.  Indiana’s 3rd District contains all of DeKalb, Kosciusko, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, and Whitley counties; as well as parts of Allen and Elkhart counties.

A Striking Difference

From RedState:

We see now the striking difference between unions and tea party activists in Wisconsin.

During the Obamacare fight, tea party activists did not storm the United States Capitol in an effort to shut it down.

In Wisconsin, union activists have.

During the bank reform fight, union activists showed up on the door step of banking executives.

In Wisconsin, despite unions publishing the home addresses of the absconded Democratic legislators, tea party activists have not held court outside those legislators’ homes. . . . At least not yet. And even if they did, I have no doubt they’d stay on the sidewalks, behave peacefully, and not storm the front porches of the legislators.

Time and again where union thugs have shown no restraint to shut down government and intimidate legislators and others, tea party activists have shown restraint.

But again and again the tea party activists are the ones portrayed as violent, racist, and out of control.

It is a striking difference between the two groups.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a Non-Negotiable

From RedState:

The House passed the Pence Amendment, which strips Planned Parenthood of all federal funding in the Continuing Resolution, by a vote of 240 to 185.

RedState readers already know that the final composition of the Continuing Resolution will be determined after a contentious showdown between the House, Senate, and White House.

Let me very clear: ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood in this bill is a non-negotiable. It must be a top priority in the Continuing Resolution battle.

Taxpayers have strongly rejected their complicity in the sex trafficking of underage girls. Our pro-life leaders in the Senate need to take up this fight and our House leadership must hold its ground.

Americans have spoken and the time to defund Planned Parenthood, a habitual and unapologetic ally of those who deal in the exploitation of minors, is now. This is a black and white issue and we must accept nothing less than the total defunding of Planned Parenthood in the Continuing Resolution.

Video: Mitch Daniels’s speech at CPAC

From Hot Air:

I want to give you the clip because this is, for all intents and purposes, his national political debut and there’s bound to be some curiosity among the readership after all the hype. He told a group of students today that there’s an excellent chance he won’t run, but this doesn’t sound like a speech from a guy who’s considering retirement after his term as governor ends. He plates plenty of red meat about America’s lurch towards socialism, but per Weigel, he stayed away from social issues and attacks on Obama to focus on fiscal catastrophe. Mary Katharine Ham and our Townhall cousin Guy Benson were there in the room and applauded him afterward on Twitter for the gravity of the message and lack of grandstanding. Judge for yourselves: Click the image to watch at CSPAN or scroll down below and read the transcript of his remarks as prepared for delivery.

George Will introduced him by saluting “the charisma of competence.” Is that enough to win a primary? Considering that we nominated McCain last time, probably.

A link to the video and complete text of the speech is available at Hot Air.

Mitch Daniels, President of the United States?

From Big Government:

Not likely if he continues to squash freedom in the form of Indiana’s Right To Work law.  

Governor Daniels is in an enviable position sitting atop two strong Republican legislative majorities after the numerous 2010 Tea Party victories in his state.  The Republicans control the state House and state Senate with solid majorities.  A similar situation could await the next U.S. President in 2013.  Therefore, it is reasonable to ask how the next president might handle these potential majorities.

Unfortunately for Hoosiers and Daniels’s presidential aspirations, it appears that the Governor would rather bend to the will of union bosses than bring the reform Indiana needs.

  • By passing a Right To Work law, workers in Indiana have the opportunity to breathe the same free air that workers in 22 states enjoy.  This law simply allows individuals the freedom to choose to join or not join or pay fees to union without being denied or losing a job.
  • Indiana is encircled by several forced unionism states suffering from high unemployment, and it could become the release valve for many employers and workers in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.
  • Illinois recently increased taxes 66%; therefore, Illinois businesses and families are looking for are place to relocate.
  • Most important though is the basic freedom that a Right To Work law will bring to Hoosiers, even 80% of union members prefer the Right To Work over forced unionism.

The rise of the Tea Party movement illustrates that people are looking for political leaders who will forcibly address issues and stand on principle.

Yet, according news reports, Gov. Daniels is trying to avoid a decision and even a debate on freedom that influences every worker and business in Indiana.  This is not leadership.

On the other hand, should Gov. Daniels embrace Right To Work legislation that provides all Hoosiers the right to choose or not to choose to pay into a union, and then he could easily ride a wave of success and become the Republican Presidential Nominee to beat.

Should Gov. Daniels sign the 23rd state Right To Work law, he will be able to bounce back-and-forth from appearances in early presidential primary Right To Work states like Iowa and South Carolina to ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses in Indiana boasting of rising employment numbers and a more stabilized state budget.

Gov. Daniels will be able to say that he fought the Democrat party’s most fierce ally, Big Labor, and he won it for Hoosiers and that he will stand up for all Americans as well.

Or Gov. Daniels can let the golden opportunity for the citizens and businesses of Indiana, as well as for himself, slip through his hands in attempt to avoid Big Labor attacks – attacks that will come against any Republican presidential nominee regardless of their mollycoddling.

Unfortunately, it appears that Gov. Daniels has chosen to make the Right To Work issue his Waterloo rather than his San Juan Hill.   (to contact Gov. Mitch Daniels click here)

Bush 2012

From The National Review

John J. Miller has a cover story in the new issue of National Review that’s a compelling portrait of the accomplishments of Jeb Bush. Four years after leaving the Florida governor’s mansion, he remains one of the most impressive Republican politicians in the country, a formidable policy mind with the political chops to drive conservative reforms even out of office. So why isn’t he running for president? Bush told Miller what he’s said to others, too — he won’t run in 2012, but he’ll consider 2016. This is a mistake. Bush should run now for at least eight reasons: 1) It’s a wide-open field for a nomination that’s worth having. Rarely do you get such a convergence of a beatable incumbent president with a wide-open field to challenge him. Obama is slightly below 50 percent in the polls, with a real weakness in the middle of the country, and he’s saddled with a recovery that has yet to produce substantial job growth. Yet there is no true frontrunner in the race to challenge him. It’s hard to imagine an environment better suited for a heavyweight like Jeb to make a run. 

 2) 2016 is too late I. By 2016, Jeb will have been out of office ten years. No doubt he will have made many contributions to the cause in the interim, but by then his main credential — his governorship and its accomplishments — will seem like yesterday’s news. Right now he has the feel of an elder statesman of the party while his time in office is still fresh. 

 3) 2016 is too late II. By 2016, a bumper crop of Republican talent will be poised to storm the national stage. Marco Rubio not only will be the hot new thing out of Florida, he’ll be seasoned. Chris Christie will be ready. A host of senators and governors — freshly minted in the 2010 elections, so it’s too soon for them to run now — will be ready to go. Jeb will not be such a predominant figure in such a robust field. The crop of prospective GOP candidates this time reflects the downdraft in Republican fortunes in 2006 and 2008. Jeb would loom all the larger for it. 

 4) The Bush rehabilitation has begun. George W. Bush is not exactly popular, but two years of Obama have taken the edge off W.-hatred, and he’s risen from the depths of his unpopularity near the end of his presidency. Gallup had a poll in December that had Bush’s approval rating very slightly above President Obama’s. Bush’s book, Decision Points, and the accompanying media tour were successes. In 2008, Jeb’s association with his brother would have been an absolute killer. That’s not true anymore. The controversies that made the Bush years so venomous have faded, and — partly through the miracle of the accelerated news cycle — 2000–2008 already feels somewhat distant. 

 5) Jeb will still be a Bush in 2016. There’s no doubt that it will always be awkward for Jeb to be the third Bush; it will always have a dynastic feel about it. But that will remain as true in 2016. If Jeb runs in four years, after Obama presumably wins a second term in 2012, he will still be vying to be the third Republican president in a row who’s a Bush. Waiting until 2016 won’t make that fact any less odd. 

 6) He’s not just another Bush. Jeb is different from his patrician dad and different from his thoroughly Texan brother. As soon as people see him on the national stage, they’ll realize he’s his own person and has to be taken on his own terms. 

 7) Jeb can unite the party. Jeb probably has a better chance to unite the establishment and Tea Party wings of the GOP than anyone else, certainly a better chance than Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney would seem to have at this juncture. The establishment would presumably flock to Jeb, while he’d have a record of solid conservative accomplishment to sell to the conservative base. Some tea partiers will have zero interest in another Bush, and Jeb will take his lumps on immigration (at NR, we’ll look forward to administering some of them, and trying to change his mind). It’s a very volatile environment, and were he to run, much would obviously depend on how he actually campaigned. But he would stand a good chance of avoiding a damaging division in the party. 

 8) Waiting is almost always a mistake. It’s an axiom of presidential politics that you have to run when you have the opening, even if it seems “too soon.” This is why Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were elected president and Mario Cuomo never was. Jeb’s opening is now — “too soon” after his brother’s presidency, “too soon” into his life as an ex-governor — and it will probably never quite be there again. 

 In short, if Jeb feels a call to run for president, it has to be 2012, not 2016. 

God Bless America

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