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absentee voting

Indiana’s absent-minded system

From the New Albany News & Tribune:

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Rules and laws are used and manipulated every day and everywhere to gain an advantage — in boardrooms, on athletic fields, in law in front of judges and beyond.

It becomes a big problem when bad rules lead to behavior that might be legal, but still isn’t exactly seen as fair.

At the top of that list are Indiana’s absentee ballot and voter laws, which are structured in a way that makes unethical behavior — or even corruption — much easier than conventional voting. The possibilities are nearly endless — suggesting ways to vote; campaigning while soliciting people to vote absentee; vote-buying; or election mail fraud.

Problem No. 1 with the state’s absentee voting system is that people casting such a ballot by mail are not required to show a photo ID. That’s right — Hoosiers who physically make it to the polls must show a photo ID to vote, but not those already cloaked in some anonymity by voting from a home or office, where election workers aren’t present.

It’s inexcusable that voters by mail aren’t required to send at least a copy of their photo ID.

Read the rest at the New Albany News & Tribune.

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