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Glenn Beck

Obamacare UPHELD…what do we do now?

As you may have heard by now…Obamacare has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

This startling and unbelievable outcome means that we have only one option left…November.

The House, Senate, and Presidency MUST be conservative in January, or we’re headed for destruction.

There is one bright point of light in the ruling:  The Opinion declares that the penalty for ignoring the mandate is a TAX.  Therefore, Obamacare can now be truthfully called the largest tax increase ever put upon Americans.  This will be a good campaign point for Romney.


It’s not going to do any good to get angry.  It’s hot enough outside without adding steam from our ears.  We must act.

We cannot be violent, because violence never wins.

I’m going to be very frank with this next statement:  Some of you may believe that Glenn Beck is crazy, stupid, or both.  Put those opinions aside for five minutes and read this plan of action:

  1. COMMIT:  COMMIT to a higher calling.  COMMIT to be personally responsible.  COMMIT to be non-violent.  Sign Martin Luther King’s pledge of non-violence.
  2. ACTIVATE:  Use the tools linked below to check your voter registration.  14% of Americans THINK that they’re registered, but they’re not.  Check yours.  Then, check your friends, family, church roster, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.  Get out the vote!
  3. LIVE IT:  Prove that we don’t need Big Government in our lives.  Take care of the poor and needy WITHOUT government.  Help your church or charity do these things.  Be a better person tomorrow than you are today.
  4. CREATE:  Take back the culture.  Refuse to accept the CRAP that is being pushed upon us by Hollywood, television, and music.  Support artists who are wholesome, good people who produce quality movies, TV, music and art.  Create your own art with your values.

The Four ThingsNo matter what you think of Beck and his concepts, this plan is the best idea I’ve seen yet to save America.  It addresses the problems at the root.

Please go to and read about The Four Things.  Learn about how to fix 100 years of Progressive damage.  Then, act.


Rumors of War III — Target: U.S.

This is a MUST-SEE documentary on how we are being invaded from WITHIN…

Click this link to go to Rumors of War III.

8-24 ‘Restoring Courage’ Viewing Locations

We have received two invitations for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage viewing parties:

From Fort Wayne 9/12:

Greetings & Shalom!

Last summer many of us were fortunate to attend  Restoring Honor in Washington DC.  Many more of us were able to watch or listen to the event locally by TV or radio.  Those who participated in  this event remember the powerful effect it has on us.  We are better people for having taken action and incorporated the virtue of living with greater honor in our lives.

Next week, on Wednesday August 24th another such event named Restoring Courage is taking place in Israel, in the ancient and historic city of Jerusalem. As most of us know, Israel is facing a number of enemies around the world dedicated to and calling for its destruction. In recent months this talk seems to be growing at a quicker pace. Just this week, Israel has suffered another terrorist attack on their southern border near Egypt.  Americans and other people of faith who are traveling there from around the world to attend the Restoring Courage event, know that that people of faith cannot stand idly by as this talk escalates. The time for action is NOW.  We are being challenged to stand with COURAGE to lend our voices in support of ISRAEL.

At the Restoring Courage event people from around the world will be coming together in peaceful assembly at the South Wall of the Temple Mount, to let the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people know that they are not alone. Many Americans, regardless of faith or political affiliation, understand the truth that Israel faces, and know that it is imperative that the world now stand with the Nation of Israel.

So please join us that day by joining with our those that will be there in person. Through the miracle of modern technology viewing parties are being established all over the country, and the world for this event.  Locally, our Fort Wayne 9/12 is privileged to be one among the many international viewing parties.  All are invited to join with us to STAND WITH ISRAEL.

The Fort Wayne 9/12 is hosting two viewing parties. 

Where: Classic Cafe  4832 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN

When:  Wednesday, August 24th.

  • Morning:  Live broadcast from Jerusalem, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EDT, pre-program begins at 9:00 a.m.
  • Evening: A second viewing rebroadcast of the event is scheduled for 8:00pm

Please pray for the safety of all those who have traveled to participate and attend this historic event in Israel.  We hope to see you there on Wednesday!

Melissa Smith
Fort Wayne 9/12
Restoring Courage Coordinator

Also, fromNoble County 9/12…Their viewing will be at the Ira Garden Event Center, 11482 N SR 3, Kendallville, IN, at 10 am Wednesday.  Richard Mourdock will also be there.  Call Sue Yeager at 260-312-0006 for a seat, capacity is 300 people.

You Have a Choice to Make…

No matter what you think of Glenn Beck…watch this.  It couldn’t be said any better.

I AM, or I AM NOT.  You choose.

Glenn Beck’s Ecumenical Moment

From The National Review:

Predictably, the “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall last Saturday has evoked a lot of consternation.Because the rally explicitly and studiously avoided trumpeting a political agenda, it freed up a lot of people to fill in the blanks themselves. For instance, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post insists it was all a con: “As high-minded as that may sound, the real point of stressing the rally’s apolitical goals was political.” By leaving the listener to infer an anti-Obama agenda from all of this talk of lost honor, host Glenn Beck was practicing “classic political demagoguery.”

 So let me get this straight: If Beck had done the opposite, and invited hundreds of thousands of anti-Obama signs, and carved up Obama like a turkey dinner, folks like Sargent would think the rally was less demagogic? Hmmm.

 Obviously, Sargent’s not entirely wrong about the rally’s political resonance. Of course it was a conservative-and-libertarian-tinged event. Of course it would have been impossible without the right-leaning tea-party movement. Of course the fact that Beck and Sarah Palin managed to attract so many people to the Mall is not a ringing endorsement of the Democrats.

 But the partisan implications of the rally aren’t that interesting. Nor, really, is the argument that the relentless celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the National Mall amounted to some grave insult to his memory.

 Read the rest at The National Review.

Us and Them

From Moonbattery:

It’s not easy to escape the conclusion that conservatives are simply a better breed of people. Here’s what the National Mall looked like after half a million turned out for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally yesterday:

Here it is after the coronation of the Manchurian Moonbat:

Drifting garbage is applied liberal ideology. There’s no need to take responsibility for your own waste when other people will be paid with someone else’s money to take care of everything later.

What We Saw at The Glenn Beck Rally in DC

From Big Government:

On August 28, 2010, Fox News host Glenn Beck held his “Restoring Honor” rally at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The aim of the event, explained the lachrymose TV personality, was to “come celebrate America by honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future.”

As the Washington Post reports,

“For too long, this country has wandered in darkness, and we have wandered in darkness in periods from the beginning,” Beck said, at times pacing at the memorial. “We have had moments of brilliance and moments of darkness. But this country has spent far too long worried about scars and thinking about the scars and concentrating on the scars.

“Today,” he continued, “we are going to concentrate on the good things in America, the things that we have accomplished – and the things that we can do tomorrow. The story of America is the story of humankind.”

Despite the presence of former Gov. Sarah Palin and many Tea Party trappings, the event was not political, or at least not in any conventional sense. Rather, the speakers called for bringing religion into the public square and using it as the guiding force in all aspects of American life. was on hand to take in the day and talk with some of the thousands of people who showed up (crowd estimates were unavailable at the time of this writing, though the crowd felt thinner than the one at last year’s Tea Party rally). Most of the people we talked to were openly skeptical of politicians of both major parties and agreed strongly with the religious bent of the rally, often arguing that some sort of religious orientation was necessary for what that saw as a return to national greatness.

 “What We Saw at the Glenn Beck Rally in DC” was shot by Jim Epstein with help from Josh Swain. Edited by Epstein and Meredith Bragg. Hosted by Nick Gillespie.

Go to for downloadable iPod, HD and audio versions of this and all our videos.

Palin won’t take speaking fee at Beck rally

From Hot Air:

After the announcement that Sarah Palin would join Glenn Beck for his rally on the Mall in Washington next month, speculation apparently ran rampant among the Left as to how much of the money would go to Palin’s speaking fee.  The rally will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, but will have to cover its own costs first, as these events are usually structured.  Tommy Christopher reports for Mediaite that the speculation is unfounded, and that neither Palin nor Beck expect to receive any compensation at all for their appearance:

Some critics of Glenn Beck’s 8/28 “Restoring Honor” rally (a group that includes me) have also wondered how much of the estimated $2 million cost of the event might be used to pay Sarah Palin’s speaking fee. While not the main focus of criticism of Beck’s rally, questions about funding for the event have been raised. As it turns out, Palin will not be paid a speaker’s fee, and the charity that’s partnering with Beck on the event does stand to benefit significantly from the event.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and radio host Bill Press discussed the fundraising effort for the event several weeks ago, specifically noting that Beck is paying for the rally out of funds raised, ostensibly, for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. In an arrangement that is quite commonplace for this kind of event, all donations made through Beck’s rally go to cover the rally’s cost first, and any money left over goes to the charity. To be clear, neither Press nor Olbermann implied that this arrangement was unusual.

In fact, that kind of arrangement is SOP.  While high-profile speakers don’t usually take fees for their charity work, these events require many vendors to put a stage show together, and those people expect to get paid for their work and materials.  Fundraising costs money for that reason.

In this case, neither Palin nor Beck will get paid — and Beck has already donated money to the charity:

A source close to the event has verified to Mediaite that Sarah Palin will not be receiving a fee for her appearance at the rally, and that the funds raised will be used for basic overhead such as audio/video equipment, bathroom facilities, and the like. Beck won’t see any of the cash, and has even made a large personal donation, according to the charity.

In fact, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation says that the “Restoring Honor” rally has already netted the charity “just over $2 million,” which means they’ve more than covered the estimated cost of the rally, with a month and a half to spare.

The charity has already cleared the cost threshold, which means that all future revenue will go directly to their foundation.  That’s impressive, with seven weeks left to go before the actual event.  It speaks to an efficient use of funds and good planning, which one might expect from a group founded by and for Special Operations personnel.

Too bad those who engaged in empty speculation about the finances of this event don’t pay more attention to the wasted trillions in government spending and failed stimulus programs.  This event will actually produce resources for a deserving charity.

Glenn Beck in Person

From The National Review:

New York — Here in his midtown office, high up in the Manhattan skyline, Glenn Beck sinks into a plush leather sofa and starts to gab about interior design. “I have art from progressive movements from around the world,” he says, glancing around. “This is from Russia,” he says, nodding toward a Soviet figurine. “That’s American art over there,” he adds, pointing toward a lithograph of factory workers.

Beck confides that he collects such pieces not out of love, but as a reminder of what he’s up against. To his eye, “progressive art always upholds the individual — it upholds that strong worker — but it devalues the actual individual.” The scattered iconography, he explains, helps to keep him focused on fighting what he calls the “radical cancer” of progressivism. “When you are facing the times that are coming our way, you must open the doors, you have to know what the truth is,” he says. “Most people don’t want to do that.”

I mention to Beck that his penchant for provocative office art is not unlike that of Arthur Gardner, the cufflinked public-relations executive and villain of his new thriller, The Overton Window, which recently rocketed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. In Overton, Gardner — picture George Soros with Gordon Gekko’s panache — keeps a strange, marble amalgamation of the Statue of Liberty and the Colossus of Rhodes in his Fifth Avenue suite. The stone’s blend of the two images is a symbol of the character’s belief that “at some point the law needs to be taken away and replaced with force [because] people ultimately want it that way; they’re like sheep, lost without a threat of force to guide them.”

Read the rest at The National Review.

When *They* Do It, It’s OK, Though

From Moonbattery:

Chairman Zero’s mainstream media fluffers — especially Chris Matthews who is on his seventh or eighth pair or presidential knee-pads — were apoplectic when Rush Limbaugh began referring to “the Obama Regime.”

Chris Matthews appeared deeply troubled by the word. “I’ve never seen language like this in the American press,” he said, “referring to an elected representative government, elected in a totally fair, democratic, American election — we will have another one in November, we’ll have another one for president in a couple years — fair, free, and wonderful democracy we have in this country…. We know that word, ‘regime.’ It was used by George Bush, ‘regime change.’ You go to war with regimes. Regimes are tyrannies. They’re juntas. They’re military coups. The use of the word ‘regime’ in American political parlance is unacceptable.

Glenn Beck did a little fact-checking. How often did the press refer to “the Bush Regime?” Oh, only somewhere north of 6,000 times. 

“The term “regime” was used 6,500 times to refer to the Bush Administration since January 20, 2001. The host (Joe Klein) was talking to (Chris Matthews) used the term “regime” to describe Bush and Heilemann himself used regime to describe the Obama Administration at least four times. So, I’m trying to figure out how they can use the word regime and it’s not a problem and Rush uses it.” 

Byron York did a count and claims the actual number is 6,729.

The media seem to be playing this childish little game that no one ever criticized a president until Obama was elected and the only people that play hardball politics are Republicans. The detachment from reality is phenomenal, but that’s what happens when you stop being a news organization and start being a PR firm for the Democrat party; a party that is only concerned about “civility” when they are the ones in power.

God Bless America

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