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8-24 ‘Restoring Courage’ Viewing Locations

We have received two invitations for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage viewing parties:

From Fort Wayne 9/12:

Greetings & Shalom!

Last summer many of us were fortunate to attend  Restoring Honor in Washington DC.  Many more of us were able to watch or listen to the event locally by TV or radio.  Those who participated in  this event remember the powerful effect it has on us.  We are better people for having taken action and incorporated the virtue of living with greater honor in our lives.

Next week, on Wednesday August 24th another such event named Restoring Courage is taking place in Israel, in the ancient and historic city of Jerusalem. As most of us know, Israel is facing a number of enemies around the world dedicated to and calling for its destruction. In recent months this talk seems to be growing at a quicker pace. Just this week, Israel has suffered another terrorist attack on their southern border near Egypt.  Americans and other people of faith who are traveling there from around the world to attend the Restoring Courage event, know that that people of faith cannot stand idly by as this talk escalates. The time for action is NOW.  We are being challenged to stand with COURAGE to lend our voices in support of ISRAEL.

At the Restoring Courage event people from around the world will be coming together in peaceful assembly at the South Wall of the Temple Mount, to let the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people know that they are not alone. Many Americans, regardless of faith or political affiliation, understand the truth that Israel faces, and know that it is imperative that the world now stand with the Nation of Israel.

So please join us that day by joining with our those that will be there in person. Through the miracle of modern technology viewing parties are being established all over the country, and the world for this event.  Locally, our Fort Wayne 9/12 is privileged to be one among the many international viewing parties.  All are invited to join with us to STAND WITH ISRAEL.

The Fort Wayne 9/12 is hosting two viewing parties. 

Where: Classic Cafe  4832 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN

When:  Wednesday, August 24th.

  • Morning:  Live broadcast from Jerusalem, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EDT, pre-program begins at 9:00 a.m.
  • Evening: A second viewing rebroadcast of the event is scheduled for 8:00pm

Please pray for the safety of all those who have traveled to participate and attend this historic event in Israel.  We hope to see you there on Wednesday!

Melissa Smith
Fort Wayne 9/12
Restoring Courage Coordinator

Also, fromNoble County 9/12…Their viewing will be at the Ira Garden Event Center, 11482 N SR 3, Kendallville, IN, at 10 am Wednesday.  Richard Mourdock will also be there.  Call Sue Yeager at 260-312-0006 for a seat, capacity is 300 people.

Obama’s Ludicrous Proposal to Israel Unpacked

From PajamasMedia:

Could President Barack Obama’s strategy possibly be more obvious to Israel? Not for the mass media, of course, but for Israel. Here’s a summary: Due to the Obama Administration’s ineptness, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is planning to ask the UN to give it unilateral independence in September. But rather than use its leverage against the PA–including pointing out that what it’s doing is contrary to every U.S.-guaranteed agreement that the PA signed with Israel during the last 18 years–the Obama Administration wants to use its leverage on Israel to force it to save Obama.

You see, Obama will find it hard to escape vetoing the PA’s bid in the Security Council before it ever gets to the General Assembly. This will not make Obama or the United States more popular with Muslims or Arabs. So Obama wants Israel to pay the price in exchange for…nothing.

To avoid the PA declaring unilateral independence without making any concessions, Obama wants Israel to accept what amounts to the PA getting independence without making any concessions! But it won’t be unilateral, right? Obama’s plan is for Israel to negotiate, turn over the all of the West Bank to the PA as soon as possible and then negotiate on all the issues with a PA-led state. Of course, that means Israel would give up all of its bargaining chips at the beginning of the negotiation rather than get something for them at the end in exchange for Palestinian concessions.

And, of course, Obama wants Israel to depend on his promises and support, not exactly reliable, right?

What’s really going on is that Obama wants Israel to take enormous risks and give up a huge amount of political capital, thus endangering its citizens and future in order to spare Obama from vetoing the PA’s initiative. And since Obama takes no strong action against the Fatah-Hamas coalition, he’s asking Israel to give these concessions to an interocutor that includes genocidal-minded antisemitic terrorists working with Iran, Syria, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Remarkable Israel

From The National Review:

Israel’s military prowess — operational and technological alike — is renowned; but the Jewish state, population 7.7 million, is no less impressive in other areas too:

High technology: “Over the past two decades Israel has been transformed from a semisocialist backwater into a high-tech superpower. Adjust for population and Israel leads the world in the number of high-tech start-ups and the size of the venture-capital industry.” (“Beyond the start-up nation,” The Economist, December 29, 2010.) Israeli exports amounted to US$80.5 billion in 2010.

Classical music: “Israel has become a pocket superpower in the arts, most visibly in classical music. … The distinctly Israeli take on the European classical tradition has become the country’s most notable cultural export.” (David P. Goldman, “Pioneers: A mix of passion and tradition makes Israel a classical-musical superpower,” Tablet, July 21, 2010.)

Population: Israel’s total population today is between that of Istanbul and Tehran but that may change: “At constant fertility, Israel will have more young people by the end of this century than either Turkey or Iran. … Israel will be able to field the largest land army in the Middle East.” (David P. Goldman, “Israel as Middle Eastern hegemon,” Asia Times, May 24, 2011.)

Energy: “One of [Israel’s] largest deposits — 250 billion barrels of oil in Israel’s Shfela basin[ — is] comparable to Saudi Arabia’s entire reserves of 260 billion barrels of oil.” In addition to the sheer size of the deposits, Israeli engineers are pioneering technological innovations for its extraction. (Lawrence Solomon, “Israel’s new energy,” Financial Post, Jun 10, 2011.)

Overall: “Israel, per capita, is the most creative and innovative country on the face of the earth.” (George Gilder, author of The Israel Test, interviewed in “Choosing the Chosen People,” National Review, July 30, 2009)

Comment: For all Israel’s challenge in being accepted by the Palestinians, the neighbors, Muslims, and leftists, it has an amazing record of success.

Klavan’s One-State Solution: Give The Middle East To The Jews

From RealClearPolitics:

Klavan On The Culture: In an effort to bring peace to the Middle East, President Barack Obama has proposed that Israel should return to its 1967 borders in exchange for being annihilated by its enemies. PJTV’s Andrew Klavan has a better idea.

Klavan explains what an Israeli-controlled Middle East would look like and makes fun of anti-Semitic reasoning.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress: a Reinforcement, not a Renegotiation

From RedState:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of the U.S. Congress for the second time today (and for the first time in fifteen years), fresh off a meeting with President Obama on Friday, Obama’s Middle Eastern address Thursday, and dueling weekend speeches between the two leaders at AIPAC.

The first few minutes were well-used defining the scope of the current fight against Islamist extremism (”from the Khyber Pass to the Straits of Gibraltar”), pointing out the genocidal rhetoric and growing nuclear capability of an Iranian regime whose only pause in its drive toward becoming a nuclear weapons state came when it truly feared military action, and welcoming the Arab revolutions while cautioning that 1979 Iran provides a foreboding precedent that should inform us all of how wrong such actions can go, even when undertaken with the best of intentions:

So as we share the hopes of these young people throughout the Middle East and Iran that they’ll be able to do what that young woman just did — I think she’s young; I couldn’t see quite that far, we must also remember that those hopes could be snuffed out, as they were in Tehran in 1979.

You remember what happened there. The brief democratic spring in Tehran was cut short by a ferocious and unforgiving tyranny. And it’s this same tyranny that smothered Lebanon’s democratic Cedar Revolution and inflicted on that long-suffering country the Medieval rule of Hezbollah.

So today the Middle East stands at a fateful crossroads. And like all of you, I pray that the peoples of the region choose the path less traveled, the path of liberty.

Read the rest at RedState.

Allen West on Israel

From Moonbattery:

Would a President Allen West knife Israel in the back on behalf of our shared Islamic enemies? This speech from last December answers the question:

The Democratic Party Should Be Ashamed of Itself!

From Big Government:

The Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself. Today its members proved themselves to be nothing but partisan hacks who care more about party politics than doing the right thing. While President Obama’s speech regarding Middle East generated much criticism from Republicans, on the Democratic side, even amongst supporters of the Jewish State, there was either positive spin or total silence.

As you know by now the President today gave an address to the nation that for all intents and purposes threw one of our closest allies, Israel, under the proverbial bus.  His public call for Israel to retreat to the 1949 armistice lines, broke existing agreements that the United States had made with Israel, probably hurt the quest for an Israeli/Palestinian deal and quite possibly moved the region closer to a new Middle East war.

That 1949 armistice line was created solely because that’s Israeli and Arab forces stopped fighting at the end of the War of Independence (with some added adjustments in certain sectors). It was if the whistle blew and everyone dropped their gear. The line people call 1967 border, is really only a military line. It was never intended for the Armistice lines to mark final borders, and there is plenty of documentation to that fact.

There is not much doubt that at the end of a deal, the two parties will exist with borders somewhere near that armistice border. In fact Israel has offered specific maps of final borders along the lines of what the President said publicly today, once under the Premierships of Ehud Barak the other under Ehud Olmert (in both of those cases the Palestinian leadership rejected the offer).

The difference is that in both of those cases, The return to those”1967 borders” was  the end point of negotiations, yesterday Obama severely damaged Israel’s negotiating position by making it the staring point.

Read the rest at Big Government.

Just in time for Passover

From Power Line:

Israel is surrounded by genocidal forces that target Israeli civilians and worship their murderers. Last week’s news featured events that prove this point in spades, though our attention is understandably engaged elsewhere at the moment.

This past Thursday an Israeli school bus, painted bright yellow, was hit by fire from the Gaza Strip and at least one child was seriously wounded. The fact that the fire from Gaza did not result in mass murder is pure fortuity. As Barry Rubin points out:

This is not just another terrorist attack but part of a wider strategy. What is strategically significant here is how the bus was attacked. Usually, attacks from the Gaza Strip — either carried out or sanctioned by the Hamas regime there — are by homemade rockets, mortars, or attempted cross-border ground attacks. Deaths and damage are usually random.

In this case, though, the attack was carried out with an advanced anti-tank rocket. In other words, a terrorist deliberately aimed at the bus and fired, hoping to kill the maximum number of children.

The Hamas public relations act on the school bus attack is interesting. According to AFP, Hamas claimed credit for the attack and followed up with at least 45 mortar rounds into southern Israel. On Saturday Hamas said that it did not intend to target the Israeli school bus that it hit two days earlier. Why so shy? Those 45 mortar rounds might just as well have done the trick.

Turning to the north, Israel has Hezbollah to contend with. IPT draws attention to a startling Haaretz report. “Hezbollah plans to empty its storehouse of 40,000 missiles in a new war with Israel, including sending 100 missiles per day toward Tel Aviv,” according to U.S. diplomatic cables that reflect Israeli defense and intelligence assessments. Hezbollah “believes it can maintain that pace for two months, sending 6,000 rockets at Israel’s most populous city. It’s a fraction of the thousands of total number of rockets the terrorist group is prepared to fire at civilian areas.”

To the east lies Israel’s partners for peace among the Palestinian Authority. Just in time for Passover, Omri Ceren observes, linking to an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs report:

The Palestinian Authority has just honored the terrorist mastermind responsible for the “Passover Massacre,” a terrorist atrocity which claimed the lives of 30 innocent Israeli citizens . . . at Netanya’s Park Hotel on March 27, 2002. . . . [O]n March 28 Issa Karake, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, visited the family of Hamas suicide-bomb mastermind Abbas Al-Sayed, awarding them with an official, festive plaque, in celebration of the anniversary of the massacre.

Ceren reminds readers that the Passover Massacre was the single deadliest attack carried out during the terror war, with 30 killed and 140 injured. Ceren urges readers to check out the full-page spread that the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Hayat newspaper devoted to the ceremony, which is included in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report linked above.

Each of these recent reports is illustrative of a harsh truth. Israel is an island of civilization in a sea of barbarians and savages of varying motivations mostly related to Islam. The problem is not Jews in this Jerusalem neighborhood or that part of the West Bank, but rather the existence of the national home of the Jewish people. The most charitable interpretation of the Obama administration’s actions is that it is oblivious to this obvious truth.

Iran Stands Down

From Power Line:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has been equipping “aid ships” to sail to Gaza, and announced that it would try to break Israel’s naval blockade by sending war ships to accompany the “aid” vessels. That drew a strong response from Israel, which said that it would treat any such conduct as an act of war–which, of course, it is. Michael Ledeen explains what happened next:

Iran has cancelled sending an aid ship to the Gaza Strip which had been scheduled to set sail for the Palestinian territory on Sunday, state news agency IRNA reported.

“The trip is not going to happen,” Hossein Sheikholeslam, secretary general of the International Conference for the Support of the “Palestinian” Intifada, an Iranian body set up by parliament, told reporters on Thursday, IRNA said.

He said the ship had originally been due to depart on Thursday, but “due to restrictions from the occupying Zionist regime, it was decided that this ship would leave on Sunday. But now the trip is not going to happen.” …

“The Zionist regime has made the blockade a political issue and we do not wish to politicise this kind of humanitarian aid because the most important thing for us is to break the blockade of Gaza,” he said.

He said the voyage was cancelled as Israel “had sent a letter to the United Nations saying that the presence of Iranian and Lebanese ships in the Gaza area will be considered a declaration of war on that regime and it will confront it,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

That’s clear enough, isn’t it? Israel said that if any Iranian ship tries to enter Israeli waters, it will be treated as an act of war. So the Iranians bagged it.

Now ask yourself this question: how would the regime react if the tough guy in the White House said, “If we find any evidence of Iranian support for the terrorists killing Americans in Iraq or Afghanistan, we’ll consider it an act of war and will react accordingly”? …

Lots of lessons here:

1. They talk a lot but they’re afraid, profoundly afraid (can you imagine the RG generals talking to the Supreme Leader? “But Excellency, they will kill us all…”);

2. They will not risk direct confrontation, because any defeat will encourage the Iranian people to bring them down;

3. They talk a lot about the glories of martyrdom, but the martyrs they have in mind are the Arabs they send into battle or on suicide missions against us;

4. The trouble with American leaders is that they want to be loved, whereas a healthy dose of fear will do wonders for the region.

I would only add that, while I have seen no follow-up to this news story, it is possible that the presence of eleven American naval vessels in the eastern Mediterranean helped the mullahs to make up their minds. I would be happy to give President Obama partial credit for the happy outcome–so far, at least–if only he would draw the appropriate conclusions regarding the relative efficacy, in foreign policy, of speeches and frigates.

Obama and the War against Israel, Part II

From National Review:

President Obama’s overtures to America’s enemies have not made the world a safer place.

Even as the new Obama policies were igniting tinderboxes in the Palestinian territories, their most dangerous effects were being felt in Iran. From the beginning of his presidency, Obama had made “reaching out” to the Iranian police state a major part of his approach to the Middle East. In March 2009, he addressed a special Persian New Year message to the Iranian people and the leaders of what he called the “Islamic Republic of Iran,” itself an ingratiating reference that served to legitimize the totalitarian rule imposed on the country by the 1979 overthrow of the shah. Doubly shameful were Obama’s direct appeals to the mullahs, whom he urged to move the “Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations.” At the time, Iran’s rulers were engaging in surrogate wars against the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, supplying al-Qaeda and the Taliban with IEDs, which were the principal cause of the American deaths there. The contrast between Obama’s appeasement of this enemy and his aggressive displeasure toward a democratic ally could not have been more striking. It sent a dangerous message to the many other dictatorships and hostile forces in the Middle East.

Read the rest at National Review.

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