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Restoring Courage

8-24 ‘Restoring Courage’ Viewing Locations

We have received two invitations for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage viewing parties:

From Fort Wayne 9/12:

Greetings & Shalom!

Last summer many of us were fortunate to attend  Restoring Honor in Washington DC.  Many more of us were able to watch or listen to the event locally by TV or radio.  Those who participated in  this event remember the powerful effect it has on us.  We are better people for having taken action and incorporated the virtue of living with greater honor in our lives.

Next week, on Wednesday August 24th another such event named Restoring Courage is taking place in Israel, in the ancient and historic city of Jerusalem. As most of us know, Israel is facing a number of enemies around the world dedicated to and calling for its destruction. In recent months this talk seems to be growing at a quicker pace. Just this week, Israel has suffered another terrorist attack on their southern border near Egypt.  Americans and other people of faith who are traveling there from around the world to attend the Restoring Courage event, know that that people of faith cannot stand idly by as this talk escalates. The time for action is NOW.  We are being challenged to stand with COURAGE to lend our voices in support of ISRAEL.

At the Restoring Courage event people from around the world will be coming together in peaceful assembly at the South Wall of the Temple Mount, to let the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people know that they are not alone. Many Americans, regardless of faith or political affiliation, understand the truth that Israel faces, and know that it is imperative that the world now stand with the Nation of Israel.

So please join us that day by joining with our those that will be there in person. Through the miracle of modern technology viewing parties are being established all over the country, and the world for this event.  Locally, our Fort Wayne 9/12 is privileged to be one among the many international viewing parties.  All are invited to join with us to STAND WITH ISRAEL.

The Fort Wayne 9/12 is hosting two viewing parties. 

Where: Classic Cafe  4832 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN

When:  Wednesday, August 24th.

  • Morning:  Live broadcast from Jerusalem, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. EDT, pre-program begins at 9:00 a.m.
  • Evening: A second viewing rebroadcast of the event is scheduled for 8:00pm

Please pray for the safety of all those who have traveled to participate and attend this historic event in Israel.  We hope to see you there on Wednesday!

Melissa Smith
Fort Wayne 9/12
Restoring Courage Coordinator

Also, fromNoble County 9/12…Their viewing will be at the Ira Garden Event Center, 11482 N SR 3, Kendallville, IN, at 10 am Wednesday.  Richard Mourdock will also be there.  Call Sue Yeager at 260-312-0006 for a seat, capacity is 300 people.

God Bless America

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