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Wind Farm to be discussed at Plan Commission Meeting

The presentation of the Whitley County Concerned Citizens Steering Committee Report will occur at the next Plan Commission meeting which will be on Wednesday, October 19th @ 7pm.

WCP opposes the wind farm project due to the federal tax money that is spent to allow these turbines to be built.  Without subsidies, the wind industry would not survive.

Please plan to attend this Plan Commission meeting if you are available —  numbers of people present will send a very important message.  Wear your WCP white t-shirts, for those who have them.

We have also heard that the pro-wind folks will also be gathering a crowd.

The Plan Commission meeting will be held in the lower level of the Government Building in Columbia City, located at 220 W Van Buren St.

Note:  this Plan Commission meeting will NOT be a public hearing (they will NOT be taking public comment at this time).  It will be a report from the WCCC Steering Committee to the Plan Commission.  It is our understanding that there will be a public hearing at a later date.

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